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  1. I was being an . Said view was being instantiated somewhere else down the stack.
  2. Information is just a view. Here is some code.


    Ext.define('Ss.profile.Tablet', {

  3. Hello Everyone,
    So I am back at using ST2. I have a toolbar which I change the title on, however I have noticed that during the execution of my applications, the title isn't changing. When I...
  4. No, I haven't emailed him yet but I will after I get off of work. I think I am just going to go ahead and use a Picker, but I'm sure you know how it is where just because you solve around a problem,...
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    At least in the Flex world I would sometimes handle control logic in the view depending on how much work had to be done. This was usually accomplished through 'states'. So I would have an admin...
  6. Hello Everyone,
    I am using the autocomplete class found here .

    In the above link, ...
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    There are 3 things I don't leave my home without.

    1. My license to drive.
    2. My license to carry.
    3. An MVC framework for whatever technology I am using.

    Of course you don't "have" to use...
  8. Hello Everyone,
    I have an app that is going to need the user to select from the 50 states of the US. I know Ext JS has the combofield, and that it can have the autocomplete option. However, no...
  9. The answer went something like this. The icon is still off center, but I can fight with it to get it right.

    display: -webkit-box;
    -webkit-box-orient: horizontal;...
  10. Hello Everyone,
    I have a list with a custom itemTpl. I would like to have the disclosure icon vertically aligned in the middle of the x-list-item-label(?). I have tried all sorts of CSS voodoo...
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    From this post

    I learned that I have to use this.initialConfig.url = 'funkyurl' to get it to work.
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    Okay thanks. But even when I set the url I get that it is undefined. Should I be using Ext.apply ?
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    Hello Everyone,
    I have a form panel similar to the example found in the doc and I am trying to set the url. However, the 'url' does not appear in the list of configs and properties even though it...
  14. That was it !
  15. Hello Everyone,
    I have a panel with an accordion layout, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to change the active index. The accordion layout does not have a 'setActiveItem' method like...
  16. Thanks Evan. Just one more question, do you know why having the 'store' shared across instances would cause the 'Object <object> has no read method' error ?
  17. Hello Everyone,
    I had a custom combobox class that used a store. I declared my store like so

    ds = Ext.create('', {
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    No dice, all I get is a blinking cursor after a selection after setting valueField: 'product_type'.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I have a Combobox and it loads search results into its dropdownlist. I can see the contents of the dropdown list just fine, but when I select one it doesn't populate the...
  20. Thanks slemmon, I'll try that when I get home tonight. And just to be sure, the 'myStore' is declared in the same class file as the combobox correct ?

    And to Scott, do you mind explaining what...
  21. Hello Everyone,
    I have a Combobox that I am going to use for "Live Search". I would rather not have a globally available store for the combobox but I would like to have an instance variable for...
  22. I'm a little confused. I already have the data as an array of Objects, but I'm kind of lost as how to take this array found on the model and turn it into a bunch of Models.

    I'm misunderstanding...
  23. Hello Everyone,
    I have service that returns JSON which I then use Ext.create( 'Someap.model.somemodel' ). I've noticed and read that the associated nested JSON however will not be turned into...
  24. Hello Everyone,
    I have an Ext.Window popup which is going to need a controller of some sort to set the data on the pertinent fields. Using the controller paradigm, I'm worried I will run into...
  25. After many hours and even more curse words, turns out I needed to use the 'readOnlyCls' property of the textareafield. My css looks like something like this.

    .instructions-read-only ...
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