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  1. Not sure if it's the same issue or not, but in my I have a custom "build.dir" defined. It worked fine in 5.1.1, but that property is now ignored in 5.1.3.
  2. Was there ever any updates in 5.1 to make this process easier?
  3. Did you ever find an answer to those questions? I'm trying to work through the same issues.
  4. After a lot of tinkering, I ended up getting it to work using a CSS transform rotate on the view, in conjunction with some special positioning/sizing logic.
  5. I'm working on a signature capture feature in a Cordova-based ST phone app that's locked to portrait mode. The requirement is that the signature capture view should be landscape (so that it's easier...
  6. Not sure if this is reproducible via a Fiddle, since the app I'm working is a Visual Studio WinJS-based project, so I've only seeen it manifest in apps built onto the Windows Simulator or a Surface...
  7. I'm using ST 2.4.1, and sometimes the Windows Simulator, as well as Windows Surface devices stop receiving tap events (i.e. button handler no longer firing). This can be easily reproduced in the...
  8. Any update or workaround for this issue? I'm running into the same problem.
  9. In my app I have charts that are reconfigured at run time as the user applies various filters and other configurations. I've noticed that if something triggers a chart's performLayout to happen...
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    That is what I actually ended up going with. I hadn't played with CSS animations/transitions before, so my initial understanding of them wasn't quite right. For other people who might have this...
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    I'm trying to animate the size change (width + height) of a component to simulate a "maximize" effect. I've scoured the Ext.Anim docs + source, but haven't found anything that really supports this. ...
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    I have a chart in my application where I plot a line series, and the store's underlying data is changed at run time based on network requests as the user is applying filters. If the filters they...
  13. In my application I have a chart that I reconfigure with different series at runtime based on drill in like actions. When you call chart.setSeries, it hooks up the new series, but the old ones fully...
  14. Ahh I see... I didn't realize that you could use a single series, just configured with an array for the yField config option.

  15. Is part of that URL missing? It's not working for me.

    I tried using that same nightly build you mentioned, along with the fiddle you linked at the beginning of this post (had to change the line...
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