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  1. Sorry about that. I got sucked into an urgent project to implement a payment gateway this weekend. It will probably be faster to just call me and we can discuss it instead of writing up long threads....
  2. I wanted to give you a good answer, but all of the sudden a really slow day turned into a really crazy day. I'll try to respond back later this evening. Sorry about that.
  3. Im just out to lunch... but i think i have a solution for you. Give me an hour. ;-)
  4. Here are your options as I see them.

    1) First of all I would ask whether you are loading the nodes on demand or if you are loading the entire hierarchy on initial load? If you are not loading the...
  5. I've been implementing the Portal example located here:

    I have been trying to figure out what the purpose of the classes.js...
  6. I know this is old, but it still might help someone using Ext4. In the portal.js example just add a method like this and call it from a button or something:

    addPanel : function()
  7. Confirmed. Check out the examples page and type in gibberish that returns no results for another example:
  8. That's the thing about ExtJS. It expects you to use its layout managers which handle the scrolling issues for you. So therefore I don't really think it's a bug. But I have had cases where I wanted to...
  9. I have searched the forum and haven't found anyone else reporting this bug, so here we go:

    How to reproduce:

    Ext.widget('window', {
    modal: true,
    height: 400,
    width: 400, ...
  10. You just saved me a whole load of time.

    I was also trying to get it to work, thinking I'll just create a method stub (not thinking to add any arguments to the method). Added an argument to the...
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    Finally a toolkit that makes our IE6 users feel right at home. Where do I enter my credit card information?
  12. Sorry I don't have much time to investigate whether this is my problem (since I have modified your implementation over time) or if this is a problem in the original code base; however, I just wanted...
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    I ran into the same problem. Here is my solution. Just attach the target on the afterrender event:

    new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    listeners: {
    scope: this,
  14. What I do is add a focus and blur event and implement some logic to switch the input type from password to text.

    i.e. Ext.getDom('txtPassword').type = "text";
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    Touché. I also understand your perspective. My point wasn't to be pretentious.
  16. Nothing built in that I know of. But I've used the following in conjunction with ExtJS. Just do a little customization:

    Javascript Cropping script:...
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    I very much agree with Animal's comment. If there was a book that can teach you how to be a professional web developer, many of us wasted many many years in University :)
  18. First - I hope this thread does not violate any of the forum rules. This is not a job request or advertisement per se and relates to ExtJS development.

    We are looking for a business partner...
  19. Result should be an array of objects:

  20. I've been converting my entire project to use Ext.Direct over the last couple of days. I must say I really love the Direct implementation; however, sometimes the documentation is a bit sparse...
  21. It probably didn't work because I was using Ext v1.02 and posted the code in a v.2 topic area. 8-|

    DigitalSkyline, absolutely brilliant -- thanks for taking the time to make improvements.
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    You got it. There isn't anything else. Just override the function by adding it to your JS (it doesn't matter where you put the override if you are using Ext's onReady for the rest of your code).
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    Here is a dirty little example in the ZIP attachment. I hope this helps you. Let me know and keep the thread going as this should be built in functionality.

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    Here is what I came up with. P.s. It's untested and works for my purpose. Please give feedback.

    1. I have overridden the BasicForm's setValue method which is called then you load a form. I check...
  25. When using a NumberField in a grid editor, on afteredit the leading zero's are dropped. I was wondering if there is any known way to prevent this. In the meantime I will look into putting together a...
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