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  1. Or alternatively, how about an additional route config to 'undo' an 'action' if the respective route (out of many) is removed from the hash?
  2. Hi!

    Ext5 offers the new and exciting routing feature. I've found the 'redirectTo' method to completely replace the url hash.

    As there is support for a multiple token hash (by appending with...
  3. issue present in 4.2.1 GPL; above-mentioned workaround seems NOT to work on 4.2
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev GA

    Defining additional 'config' values
    while overriding an existing class
    fails while 'addConfig'
    with 'configNameCache[name] is...
  5. Hi!

    Experimenting with Ext.Loader I saw, that Ext.Loader.loadScriptFile sets @sourceURL only to the actual filename - not exposing the script directory or (as the tag implies) URL.

    At least...
  6. Replies
    While not mainly interested in the UI document, I DO need selectors a lot on loaded xml documents... I wrote the following little wrapper class for xml documents with:*...
  7. Ext.panel.Header.setIconCls does not respect the condition that the header might no-yet be rendered. The Header's rendering may - however - be independent of the 'main' panels rendering.

  8. Patch for cls config:

    diff --git a/src/draw/Sprite.js b/src/draw/Sprite.js
    index e9d47e3..6ed59e9 100644
    --- a/src/draw/Sprite.js
    +++ b/src/draw/Sprite.js
    @@ -223,6 +223,11 @@...
  9. Patch for 'null' values:

    diff --git a/src/chart/series/Line.js b/src/chart/series/Line.js
    index 6539579..6a3b05f 100644
    --- a/src/chart/series/Line.js
    +++ b/src/chart/series/Line.js
    @@ -419,7...
  10. Patch for axis calculation:

    diff --git a/src/chart/axis/Axis.js b/src/chart/axis/Axis.js
    index f839a27..bc08cc0 100644
    --- a/src/chart/axis/Axis.js
    +++ b/src/chart/axis/Axis.js
    @@ -134,7...
  11. Ext.draw.Sprite offers addCls() and removeCls(), contrary to rest of the framework, however, no corresponding config entry (cls?).
  12. NB: empty strings and undefineds are not drawn, null is.

    'undefined' is not a global concept. Wouldn't adding null to the 'not-to-render' list help interoperability (and support)?

    Note also,...
  13. Thanks for that immediate reply!
  14. Bug: Drawing a chart with some 'undefined' values, (numeric) axis disappears.

    NB: All other points are rendered (correctly) in reference to the now 'invisible' axis.

    Workaround: Manually...
  15. Hi!

    Switching from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2, my app using Ext.view.View fails on

    It seems the property loadMask is still on its default value (true). I tried calling...
  16. Hi!

    Ext Readers call individual extractor functions by field. This, of course, allows for generalized but fast access. Those extractor functions are prepared in:
  17. Is expected... but those children might be inserted AFTER rendering. As it is now, at least one child is mandatory at the time of creation.
  18. the space "between" hbox/vbox items is not covered by container paddings... And embedding all those items in individual containers seems overkill.

    The difference between the "margin" member (which...
  19. Are you considering this a "NoBug"?

    I very much like to define margings - together with font sizes et al - in css; as such, I'm trying to clean js source from as much layout constants as possible....
  20. As it is now, an empty TabPanel's tab strip does not occupy the height it does after adding elements.

    The height change of the tab strip (after adding a child) "moves" the TabPanel's body out of...
  21. Although I'm by no means an extjs or js expert, I tried to find "my" solution here.

    The attached replacement/diff of BoxLayout solves this bug for me.

    NB: Base is rc1, not svn.
  22. BoxLayout.js#151 in rc1:

    maxWidth = Math.max(maxWidth, c.getWidth() + cm.left +;

    I suppose, this should be cm.right for the WIDTH?
  23. The same problem seems to affect 'fit' layout (at least) under some circumstances. I updated the testcase zip:

    Viewport with padding on all sides, 'fit' layout, one panel. Notice the cut off at...
  24. hbox and vbox do not correctly account for css paddings/margins. This results in panels "cut off" at the far end.

    In the attached testcase (incl. screenshot), I create two windows with...
  25. New version 0.3

    45 Hans-Peter Oeri 2008-10-11

    44 Hans-Peter Oeri 2008-10-11
    added levelOverride

    43 Hans-Peter Oeri 2008-10-11
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