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    I get the same error with

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.0.160
    Touch 2.3.1
    Cordova 3.5.0-0.2.4.

    Successfully downgraded to
    but still get the an error
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    I keep getting this error when building for native ( cordova )

    sencha app build native

    [INF] -cordova-platform-add:
    [ERR] The following error occurred while executing this line:...
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    I go the same error message when trying to do a production build but after do an app refresh it worked

    sencha build app production
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45
    [ERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
  4. Yes I am searching for this feature as well.
    Would like to be able to set the compression value in command line
    Something like
    sencha app build native -testing=true
  5. What is the best way to rotate your viewport?

    I tried to to this with css
    -webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);
    -moz-transform: rotate(90deg);
    -o-transform: rotate(90deg);
  6. My app is locked to portrait only.

    But I would like the gallery part of my app to rotate with to landscape and portrait.

    I know I can listen for the orientationchange event....
  7. I have the same problem.

    I use getItemAt to find the item I want to scroll to but, the offsetTop of an item always appears to be zero.

    var nextEventId = 10;
    var nextEventItem =...
  8. Yes that worked for me as well

    I add a override

    Ext.define('[app].override.Component', {
    override: 'Ext.Component',
    hide: function(animation) {
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    Thanks Mitchell. Would be a great feature in a future release
  10. Ext version tested: Sencha Touch 2.2, Sencha Touch 2.2 (in Phonegap)
    Browser versions tested against:
    Stock HTC One Browser (Android 4.1.2)
    Description: After you select a item via the picker...
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    Is possible to include whole packages with wildcards ?

    For example in my app have

    views: ['pages.*']

    which would include all the Class I have in my Views.pages class path ?
  12. The new version of chrome canary add support from sass debugging
    Which will make styling a sencha touch app a much better experience

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    The only way around this I have found is to place the carousel in a container then add the border to the container. However this is creating unnecessary dom elements so not the solution I am looking...
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    Attached is the sencha fiddle package. the fiddle would not save for me
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    I have a design that requires a 6px border around a carousel.
    However when I add the border the width of the carousel items is incorrectly calculated to be the full width and the carousel items end...
  16. Yes I do. I looked up the docs for cmd which instructions on how to upgrade thanks!/guide/command_app
  17. How do I upgrade a project from sencha touch 2.0 to 2.1.

    I found these instructions for

    But I dont...
  18. Was an error in my function the above code to call a function from a controller will work
  19. I have gotten around the problem by listening for an event from the controller in the application


    Which is probably the better way.

  20. I want to call a function on my main application class on a controller

    I have tried;

    Both give me the...
  21. When I try to get the value from a picker either from the change or pick event the slot value is null.
    If you enter the code below to ...
  22. On a Ext.Ajax request I can pass jsonData to attach data to the request without encoding it as a parameter.!/api/

    How to I do this...
  23. In the examples when loading data via a models proxy. You call load and pass a id. load(10)!/api/

    This id is then passed as a...
  24. I am placing a logo over the top of a carousel and I would like the logo to appear to be invisible to the touch events. So when you swipe over the logo the carousel receives the touch events.

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    Thanks, For me this is fine as I am packaging my code as a app for iOS and Android so I will always updating the entire app when I release new versions.

    But the development team might want to take...
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