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  1. thanks a million, that helps a lot,

    thanks a million, that helps a lot,
  2. Problem with passing multiple parameters in url with Sencha-touch MVC routing


    I stuck in a place where I need to pass several parameters in url while using Ext.Router & built-in MVC in Sencha-touch. Having initialized routing as below:

    Ext.Router.draw(function (map)...
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    IDE support for sencha-touch

    is there any tool that supports sencha-touch intellisense or any syntax completion? I am working with Aptana, which is hugely helpful, nevertheless such plugin for IDE would be a major convenience in...
  4. [CLOSED] Problem with sencha-touch app viewed on different android version

    I am developing sencha-touch app (currently using 1.0.1), and I wonder why a particular website works differently depending on android on which is viewed. Any ideas why it works smoothly on...
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