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  1. Hi,
    I am using grouped grid in my application.
    I want get selected row from grid. If all groups are expanded then its working fine. But if I collapsed all groups and extends only last one or any...
  2. Hi,

    In my application I am using model windows. Among that I want one window as always on top with user interactions.
    for example:


  3. Hi,

    I have to get weeks based on a date and show them in a dropdown.

    here I have start date and end date.
    I have to prepare this dropdown based week start date.
    example view:

  4. Hi,
    I am using tree panel in project. I want to show text in tree panel in localization.
    I have configured localization in my project and I am using it in forms and grid.
    But I am unable to use it...
  5. its not working.
  6. Hi,
    I am using extjs 4.2 in my application.
    I want to open modal popup with scroll bar. But scroll bar is not working in window.

    this is my code :
  7. Thanks for the replay.
    Is there any alternative to add a pulgin like that..
  8. Thanks,
  9. Hi,
    In my application I want to use cron maker plugin.
    Is it possible to add plugin to extjs.
    If it is possible how to add plugin to extjs application.
    the plugin should be like...
  10. Hi,
    I want to add action icons to action column in a grid based on condition.
    But I am unable to add it dynamically.
    Please provide me a solution to this.
  11. Replies
    Thanks for the replay.
    Here I want to select only one radio button at a time.
    So that what I have to do?
  12. Hi,
    I want to insert text at cursor position in textarea. But I didnt got method regrading to that.
    Can anyone give an idea to insert to text at cursor position in textarea.

    I worked with...
  13. Replies
    I want to create a tab tab panel which contains some radio groups and textboxes. but I am unable to do this.
    can anyone provide the solution.
    the screen should be looks like...
  14. Hi,
    In my applications I have one dropdown. Values to that dropdown are fetching from database.But I have to show those values using i18n. If value is there in i18n, I have to show that value. If...
  15. Hi,

    In my project I am using Itemselector. In that I want sent data dynamically to select field. I am unable to send it.
    Please provide me a solution to send the data.

  16. Hi,
    In my application I want to edit the grid row. But I am in ambiguity state which process I have to follow.
    What is the best method I have to follow from following methods.
    1) By using row edit...
  17. Hi all,
    I am using deftjs with Extjs.
    I want fetch the data from server and show it in the form.
    Data is coming from server, But I am unable to set it to the form. Please tell me the solution to...
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    I want to integrate i18n in my project.
    But I didnt get any guidelines for that.
    Please provide me some examples using i18n.
    I have already saw the following link, but it shows page not...
  19. Hi,

    I want to use polling in my application along with ajax request.
    I referred the following url, but I didn't got any idea.
  20. Hi,
    I want to use carousel in my application.
    But I am unable to use it.
    Please provide a sample example using carousel in extjs.
    Thanks in advance.
  21. Yes I am working with Bryntum product.
  22. Thanks for the replay.
    If you have any idea about how to build the screen attached. Give me an idea.
    Refer the attached screen.44088
  23. Hi,
    I am using timeresolution plugin in my application. But I am getting following error.
    Object [object Object] has no method 'addCellTpl'

    I am unable to solve it.
    Help me to resolve this...
  24. Hi,
    I want to use timegap plugin in my application.
    But I am unable insert it in my appication.
    Can anyone provide simple example to this?

    Thanks in advance.
  25. I saw the link you have given. But it is not showing any example.
    Can you provide example for that...
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