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  1. I got it working,:)

    I have added "onDrag" function and "endDrag" function to the panel, See the code below.

    new Ext.Panel({
    id: 'batt2',
  2. I have an viewport with 6 panel initially load,
    which are loading and able to drag and drop.

    In the viewport listener: afterRender function.
    I am adding a new item (panel) into the viewport, ...
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    I donot know, which part of the code is causing this error,
    But this works fine in mozilla firefox and google chrome

    Below is the JSON returned from the server file "siteSpecificPageData.php"....
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    The json data passed from the server is giving error in ext-all.js. working fine in mozilla firefox.

    Please help to solve this.

  5. Now I am trying to load a basic store into the grid panel and its not working,

    Please let me know what is the mistake I am doing.

    1. portal.js file
  6. Please go through the screen shot, in which DC Fan data is not populated.

  7. I am posting the complete code below:

    * Ext JS Library 3.3.0
    * Copyright(c) 2006-2010 Ext JS, Inc.
  8. The screenshot shown, has the same data populated in all the grid except 1,
    I am trying to populate only one grid as of now by using Ext.Ajax.Request.
    Later if this works, I can populate other...
  9. Its not working for me

    I am getting a error as shown in the screen shot.37639
  10. Let me explain clearly,

    1. first the "example.php?siteName=11100663&selectedMakeId=525" is accessed.


  11. I have a requirement, to load two or more grid from the same url.
    So I am calling the file "siteSpecificPageData.php" in Ext.Ajax.request

    is it possible to use the JSON returned by this file...
  12. Sorry for it,
  13. extjs3.4
  14. 1. example.php is accessed by example.php?site=test
    2. can the value of site be accessed by the Ext and resent to anotherfile.php.
  15. Thanks for the response Mr.swort-it.

    But actually I wanted in a different way. Like

    I will explain in detail.... ,
    1. we have a specific page which shows the data of different devices like...
  16. we have the viewport with "west" region and "center" region.

    Center region contents will be loaded dynamically based on the device selection.

    Some devices will have two sub units (for example:...
  17. Can we load the items dynamically to the view port based on the configuration
  18. Where Can I get the examples for working with extjs 3.4 and adobe air
  19. Can I found any support for ADOBE AIR with extjs3.3 and above
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    Dear Mitchell Simoens

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Can you please send me a sample code (or any reference) to achieve this.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Dear mitchelsimoens

    Let me take some example of two parameters from the excel

    1. system_infos System Infos
    2. edit_link Edit...
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    I am going through a code of PIMCORE Project.
    The excel file acts as language resource.
    Language resource excel file is loaded through php, the same excel values are accessed through extjs.
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