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    Thanks a lot~/:)
    now we can focus on other parts...
  2. Hello,
    we are migrating Ext JS 3.3.1 to Ext JS 4.0.
    i am wondering are there something changed in Extjs 4?
    i can not find some release notes about that or did i miss something?
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    we are migrating Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4.
    i am wondering does ExtDirectSpring support Ext JS 4?
    i found that in google code the message:

    Ext.Direct Spring is a library that implements the...
  4. find another nice component :


    this can meet our requirement but we should handle the trigger action by ourselves.
  5. but another problem comes...
    i have a lot of columns in the grid ... the extra columns were hidden by the grid ...

    i found this in the source code.
  6. that works.

    Thanks a lot!!
  7. now I have a requirement that we need display table data in the page.
    i am trying to use grid to achieve that goal.

    the question is the grid need a fix height when rendering.

    what i need is a...
  8. we can not put a standard button into a form layout container now.
    Radu094 has build a Ext.form.button which is extended from Ext.form.Field....
  9. Thanks a lot !
    we are trying to use tdd in our js development.
    this is helpful !
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    thanks a lot.

    i think Extjs should include Ext.form.Button in the future.

    this is a common requirement, isn't it?

    Ext.Button is not an <input> tag in html so this should be a standard...
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