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  1. I realized this is because the element I am getting by ID is the DIV itself. You need to go into the child elements to find the input tag.
  2. This seems to not work with the datefield object thats why I posted this here. I create the datefield and on "keyup" I enter a function that uses document.getElementById ('datefield') and then looks...
  3. Hello,
    I am trying to find the current cursor position in a datefield. I have a function that gets hit onkeyup and I tried getting the element by ID then getting the selectionStart but that doesnt...
  4. Hello,
    I have a rowediting grid much like the example here:!/example/grid/row-editing.html
    I was wondering if anyone had a problem when you edit a row and...
  5. Okay so I got this to work but only after I moved the grid into the same JS file that my containers were in. I had it originally in a seperate JS file and loaded that file first. Any idea why...
  6. Hello,
    So I have a problem right now where I have a grid that lets the user fill out a form and add it to the grid. The problem occurs when the number of rows is bigger than the grid size. When...
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    Are you saying there is no way to override this?
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    where does this if statement go? store listener?
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    Hello, so I have a grid with 4 groups. However, I do not want the groups to be sorted. So lets say my store is structured as follows and i am grouping by the first element:
    var dataStore = [...
  10. Thanks this seems to be working. However is there a way to create a grid with a store, hide the data until someone clicks a button?
  11. Right now i have a tab panel with 4 tabs. Inside each tab I have a button and after the user clicks the button I want to generate a data grid inside the 'center' region of the panel. Is this...
  12. Hello all,
    This is my first post so sorry if this is a stupid question. I am currently using extjs 4 and have a tab panel of about 4 tabs and I want to put the same container which contains two...
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