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  1. Works... Perfect. Thanks :D

    - Matt
  2. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like there would have to be an additional layer over the panel's body to achieve this, but I'm not sure.

    - Matt
  3. mabello...

    Great extension! Works well.

    - Matt
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    Yeah, XmlReader is not really designed to do all that, however it can certainly be extended. Check out the following post on a sort of "NestedXmlReader". You can override readRecords in your...
  5. Another approach (more Ext-ish)... not tested, just threw it out real quick-like...

    this.usernames = []; = new{
    url: 'paramToExternalFile',
    reader: new...
  6. When declaring a DOCTYPE, the behavior we're seeing when we lock the first column, is that a horizontal scrollbar is created and that first locked column takes up all the visible width. Additionally,...
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    Yes, if you're in the WYSWIG editor, highlight the code and click the "#" button

    - or -

    wrap your code with [CODE] [/CODE]
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    You should probably use baseParams in your Store constructor...

    var store_current = new{
    url: 'data/CurrentProjectData.asp',
    baseParams: { PID: gstrProjectID }
  9. Will do. Thanks
  10. Hi guys. Just curious as to how we get such updates. Thanks a bunch!

    - Matt :-?
  11. tryanDLS on another thread...

    "Paging is implemented server-side by returning only a subset of the data. You have to determine how to send only part of your xml file to the client."

  12. Ever find a solution to this one? I've experienced the same symptoms with the combination of XmlReader and PagingToolbar.
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