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  1. OK, thank you for this nice plugin and support! :)
  2. When you have a fieldLabel next to the editor, the calculatd width is too wide. You have to subtract the label width and padding. See code below.

    me.on('resize', function (field, width,...
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 RC2
    SDK 2.0.0 beta 3


    During the build stage of the app, the required Ext.form.Fieldset class is omitted from the final build files.

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    +1 for the router functionality!
  5. Hi Samual, your image upload plugin looks very promising! :)
    I haven't used it yet, but is it possible to add some more configuration settings? For instance, make it possible to enable/disable the...
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    Thanks, can you give us some more information about the files? Are you the one who made the port for ExtJS4? And it seems that some plugins are not completely finished yet?

    Nevertheless, these...
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    To disable the loadMask add this to Ext.grid.Panel config:

    viewConfig: {
    loadMask: false

    If you only remove the text, the underlying mask will still be visible when the grid's...
  8. And also not in the 4.0.7 release. :(
  9. Did you file a bug report? I would really like this to be fixed.
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    Just use a static HTML file with the included JS files and use this file to generate the JSB3 file.

    <script src="js/ext/4.0.7/ext-debug.js"></script>
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    Check these:!/guide/getting_started
  12. Yep, I encountered the same problem.

    I have a form field which fires a custom event. This event is configured to bubble up using enableBubble() and the field itself is placed into a...
  13. You have to use the 'selectionchange' event which bubbles up from the tree's selection model.!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-event-selectionchange

    listeners: {
  14. I can confirm this bug. I have a main view (panel) consisting of 3 sub views. The main view goes into a tabPanel as tabs.

    The moment I added a dockedItems config to one of the sub views, I...
  15. Yes, I also encountered this bug when using a Store with an which uses an Ajax proxy in my MVC project.

    The workaround is to instatiate the store first and than, on the 'load'...
  16. No, not really. If you define classes using their xtype (and probably using Ext.create?), they are not included by the jsbuilder and therefor will not end up in your app-all.js. Thankfully, Firebug...
  17. I would like to know too. :)

    I've got an MVC application with a global application toolbar, some components with toolbars, and some contextmenu's. All of those components share one or more buttons...
  18. Also download and install the latest 1.1 version from here:
  19. I can confirm that in SDKTools 1.1 you only need to modify line #161 of file "jsbuilder\src\Project.js" to be able to generate the .jsb3 file.

    The build command however still generates this error....
  20. OS: Windows 7 32bit - Java runtime 6.0.250.


    After succesfully generating an .jsb3 file, the SDK tool generates an empty app-all.js file when using the "sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d ."...
  21. You are problably missing some Ext Classes in your app-all.js. You must add these files to the Ext.require() array param in your index.html.

  22. You are right about the the absence of a specific Tree/MVC example, but because of the way ExtJS is setup, it's very easy to replace one panel/component with another. In the MVC example you can just...
  23. I also struggled with the TreePanel, MVC and Stores in the beginning. The solution is to include a reference to your store in the Controller and have a rootNode defined in the View (treePanel). Just...
  24. OK, thanks!
  25. The following code renders a treePanel with a treeStore and an ajax proxy. I've put 2 buttons in the toolbar which both select a node and then destroy the selected record. The first button calls the...
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