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  1. Why offer the insert(Portlet,Column,Index) method if it does exactly the same as add(Portlet,Column) then?
  2. It is definitely possible. However that's a problem that I thought would be handled by the portal? If there is essentially a list of portlets which need to be inserted into a portal whilst avoiding...
  3. There is a portal with 3 columns. Each portal has sets of portlets which can obviously be dragged and dropped anywhere in the portal. Upon a user saving a configuration, I'm storing all relevant...
  4. Works a treat by doing the

    Yet again, thanks, Sven!
  5. Forgive me for a lack of memory.. but I'm trying to work out how I did something in the past.

    Suppose you have a leftGrid and rightGrid, where you can drag models from the leftGrid to the...
  6. i.e. you have a TabPanel consisting of Mary, Jane and Peter (all TabItems).

    Supposed I click Mary. What are the ways to 'unselect' Mary, without having to click on Jane or Peter? ideally, upon...
  7. I'm not entirely sure. How would I check this? - just to make sure I'm not missing something!
  8. I was sure it was impossible as well however I figured it was worth a question anyway. The reason why I am asking this question is because my server cannot see the client class for some reason. You...
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    Just tried Googling this to which the perfect link came up however it didn't load.

    I'd like to a Menu to the TabItem 'header' section, i.e. the little tab bit that contains the name of the tab in...
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    Doesn't appear to work for me either.

    Ability to 'right-click' on a row in the grid for menu options to appear

    Grid<MyModel> myGrid = new Grid<MyModel>(myStore, createColumnModel());
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    Mine doesn't seem to work as well.

    I have:

    registryGrid.addListener(Events.OnContextMenu, new Listener<GridEvent<MyModel>>()
  12. Just in case anyone else is after a solution, the following appears to work for me:

    GridDragSource registryDragSource = new GridDragSource(registryGrid)
  13. There is a ContentPanel in my application which is within a VerticalPanel and a Window.

    This ContentPanel has a 'ToolBar' whose Content is updated everytime something happens elsewhere in the...
  14. I'd also like to do this however the answer provided is in Javascript ( a language I know nothing about... hence why I use GWT ).
  15. If there is a way to do this, would it be the same methods I have to create/override to drag and drop from TreePanel to Portlet as well??
  16. I've been trying to add a Menu to a TabItem. Ideally, I would like to 'Right-Click' the TabItem and then a Menu will pop... similar to a TabPanel Menu.

    So far I have my own class where I extend...
  17. Essentially what I'm asking for is a way in which I can have a model which stipulates a Name and Property, however you can have many Properties (which are the same, i.e. Brown, Blue under Colours) to...
  18. Thanks for that. I got the basic thing working now.

    Also, could you please help with my modelling classes? I have:

    ABCModelData implements ModelData, Serializable
    with the class variables...
  19. Is there any particular reason why one would want to use the Registry? As far as I can see from the example, there is no other references to the Registry class, therefore I don't understand it's use...
  20. Any help at all? Just when I think I've cracked it - I run across this little nugget.
  21. final TreeModel root = (ExamplesModel) Registry.get(Examples.MODEL);
    root.set("name", "Ext GWT");

    What does this do? You can find it in the TreePanel Reordering example here:
  22. It's worth noting that it's exactly the same as the example except for the Model.

    That is, the left grid reflects 5 bits of a model (say 'a','b','c','d','e') and the one
    on the right represents...
  23. In the Grid to Grid example I am currently re-doing, I am trying to make the Grid where you drag things to accomodate ComboBoxes.

    In short, my model contains an id called 'list', which is a...
  24. Do you have to use 'TreeStore<Model>' as I do not have a solid model?

    You see, I'm querying a database for the children of a specific parent (again, not generic... different calls to the server...
  25. That's the thing, I couldn't seem to work any of your async trees in GXT. I'm trying to create a base node in a tree, where once expanded it will make a call to a method which will then...
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