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  1. I'm currently using Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288 to build my ExtJS 4.1.3 app. I need to upgrade to 4.2.x to address a bug that's fixed in that later version.

    However, I note that ExtJS 4.2.4 (and later...
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    It was a Java issue, and I found the solution in another thread here:
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    ExtJS v4.1
    Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288

    When I type "sencha" at the command line, I now get no output at all.

    My assumption is that a recent update to Java has caused this problem.

    "java -version"...
  4. Wouldn't the form property "fieldDefaults" work the way you want?!/api/Ext.form.Panel-cfg-fieldDefaults

  5. Sencha styles are almost exclusively supplied via classes.

    The "style" property on an element will generally override what's in an associated class.

    So, something like:

    style: 'z-index:...
  6. Thanks, that's working well.
  7. ExtJS v4.1.3

    I have a paged GridPanel, and I need to find (and highlight) an entry, that may not have been loaded yet. I do know that the Id exists in the store.

    I've tried programmatically...
  8. Most controls should have a tabIndex property that you'd use to set the order of "tabbing" through controls in a container.

    If you want custom keyboard control, to implement your own non-standard...
  9. Are you deploying a built version (where all code is in one file)? or still relying on ExtJS to dynamically load classes individually?

    If it's the former, then most likely you have a build error...
  10. Ignore (for the moment) the "You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String", because that's just indicating you're getting a server-side error response instead of pure JSON.

    The bit you should...
  11. Seems like a perfectly reasonable approach (to use the beforeload event).

    It's up to your app design as to whether the listener should be in the class declaration verses within an application...
  12. .NET is doing this (for you). It's Microsoft's way of avoiding a remote service from sending down potentially executable script (that it shouldn't).

    If you look at my response to your earlier...
  13. I'm wondering where the C# variable "input" is declared...I only see it used...but whatever, it has nothing to do with the problem :)

    I also don't see the "name" property in your C# Input...
  14. Here you go:

    @include extjs-button-ui(
    $ui: 'round-medium',

    $font-family: $button-font-family,
    $font-size: 16px,
    $font-weight: normal,
  15. The samples already include a panel that displays a Google map in a panel. That should give you a good place to start.

    You'll mostly be dealing with the GoogleMaps API for storing and rendering...
  16. ExtJS v4.1.3, Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288

    I'm am able to create a round button UI in my themes app.scss, just by setting the border-radius to half the button height, and it's working OK (with no text or...
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    I've developed a few apps with ExtJS v4.1.x that are responsive.

    The basics parts are:

    Layout controller to watch for "page" size and orientation changes.
    Layout view with panels for each...
  18. The application is now live, and reasonably responsive on most supported desktop browsers, still have some issues on mobile devices, mostly iPhones.
  19. Yes, I believe you're right.

    It's a major bummer, and I wished I'd remembered this...would have saved me a lot of debugging.

  20. Hi,

    ExtJS v4.1.3

    I have a Store that's retrieving data via JSONP. However, if I don't pass in a valid authorization code, the remote service, correctly, returns an HTTP 401 Unauthorized. ...
  21. Yes, you were absolutely correct.

    Once I made your suggested modifications, the time spent inside that routine went from 11% down to 4%.

    Rendering (in IE10) is still a bit slower than I'd...
  22. Your example below is working fine (thanks!) I guess I didn't see it when I looked last.

    I am encountering one issue...there's a few cases, where i'm creating around 300 buttons via this...
  23. No not sensitive data. It's either store details (location, phone #, hours), a list of stores, or directions to a particular store. None of that info is sensitive.

    I am encoding the data prior...
  24. ExtJS 4.1.3

    I'm providing an option for users to email the results of some analysis.

    But to avoid misuse, I'm first presenting a reCAPCHA.

    To make my life easy, I'm injecting the content...
  25. Confirmed to not work even with an XTemplate instance.
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