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    In Editor Grid, when the columns rendered for the first time, everything works fine. But when the new columns gets added when another entity value changes on the UI, I needed to rebuild the whole...
  2. I've just copied the whole folder set from the ZIP but No luck Sven :(
    Attaching the image FYR

  3. Hi Souihili,
    I'm facing the same problem as of you, but I'm unable to get the clue of what images (As you referred as solution) I need to check for getting it work properly. As I see, every resource...
  4. FYI, the initial rendering happens with out any issues. But the (selecting / moving from one list to another) more than 500 items creates the unresponsiveness. Can anybody help me on this ?
  5. I have a DualListField rendered in one of my pages and I need to load 1000+ items into each listField. Since GXT does lot of iterations while selecting/loading the items, I constantly get IE...
  6. Can anybody post the exact fix which i can directly port into my app instead of upgrading to the assisted version of EXTJS ?
    Please help me.
  7. Has anybody got some inputs which can help me solving this issue ? I wonder why GXT API not taking care of these issues.
  8. Can anybody help me in fixing the issue with GXT combobox's list not getting hidden when the user clicks on back button keeping the list opened.
    I had a initial hunch of firing a click event on the...
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    @tryanDLS -- I have tried a lot to find out the related information for rendering the widgets in cells, but no luck. Can you please direct me to the exact place where i can find the same.
  10. Hi all,
    Can anybody help me in fetching the actual javascript combo object with in GWT module. I'm trying to fetch it with the following code snippet, which is not turning out.

    public class...
  11. @Maximgb -- First of all, thanks for the great plug-in. Really liked it, when i had seen the same plugin developed using EXTJS 2.x version. The website where you have exposed the source to download...
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    Yeah, but i couldn't able to find any kind of related information or method which would help me in fetching the JavaScript object. Please help me if it's there and i could not find it.
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    Actually we have recently started off migrating the existing JS code to make use of GXT. In that process, I don't want to rewrite the whole stuff i.e. already there implemented in JS. So, for making...
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    Can anybody help me in fetching the JavaScript Combobox object from the Java level "com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.ComboBox" object ? I am finding hard time in doing that.
  15. I do agree with you. As it's a single threaded one, i'm assuming that all the 400 calls will get invoked one after the other and all the combos will get rendered as expected. But i dont understand...
  16. Sorry, i dint get you. Can you please be more elaborate on that ?
  17. @Hendricd -- Nearly 400 combos.
    There is a JSTL tag exposed which is iterated for around 400 times passing different data sets for rendering these combos. So, as part of the Java rendering code,...
  18. As you suggested, i dont have any issues in googling and making it run in my personal browser. But the important part over here is, the functionality that we're implementing should run on the...
  19. @tryanDLS
    It might be surprising for you to hear this, the user for whom i am implementing this functionality wants atleast 500 line items to be there in that screen. As we hit this road block for...
  20. I am sure that there is no data issue. Because, for coming around this "Stop running this script" error, i've alerted (using alert(renderToId); ) as soon as the call comes to the "renderCombo"...
  21. @tryanDLS Below is the common function that i'm using for rendering the combo. Only the renderToId, data will vary for each combo. Here data is a array of JSON Objects in which each object holds the...
  22. @tryanDLS -- Please Don't take the "plain JS" in a wrong way. I just want to convey the viewers that there is no extra bit of logic that i've for rendering the combo. If you really want some code to...
  23. Hi,
    I've a screen where there are almost 400 line items in which each line item has a combo rendered with different store data. While in the rendering process of these combos, i'm getting "Stop...
  24. Thanks for your quick reply. The thread Text field sizing solved my problem.
  25. Hi All,
    I'm facing a weird problem while showing the text field under an Ext window. It works pretty fine in FF and chrome. Dont really understand the reason behind it. Please help me.

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