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  1. If I add a 'Viewport config' to the Application, Architect is adding a 'requires' entry for Ext.Viewport.

    // @require @packageOverrides

  2. We have the same issue (both local and remote). Can somebody from sencha give an update if this is being looked at and if there is any workaround?
  3. For team development it would be nice if exportPath and urlPrefix could be externalized instead of embedded in the .xds. It would sure make life a lot easier and really shouldn't be that hard to...
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    I sent an email yesterday to and the issue is now resolved. Thanks for the help
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    We have purchased sencha complete and when we try to activate sencha architect 2 we are getting communication error message or Invalid Authorization code. The getting started pdf states:
  6. I agree. It would be nice if the documentation was updated so it wasn't so confusing and was accurate.
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