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  1. hi jaimeperry
    did u by any chance modify ext-base.js
    like did u remove BLANK_IMAGE_URL property in ext-base.js to stop your application looking at
    If so set your own local path to s.gif...
  2. Thanks a lot for all of your replies.
    when i try with a new's working.
    but i wonder why its not working for my old one.
    the position of css and images is same in my old and new set up's....
  3. sorry djliquidice
    my grid still looks the same way as shown in the screenshot
    menu text occupying the space of menu images
    i am completely bewildered and :s
  4. Please see the attachment
    it's a screen shot of my firebug. it is looking at all the image files.
    Nothing is marked red.
    please help me.
    i still wonder why the column names in the menu are...
  5. Please see the Attachment
    I have attached a screenshot
    You will get a clear idea why check boxes/icons are not visible beside column names/options
    in the menu when i right click on column header
  6. i followed scott walter's demo and build the project

    into my project folder:
    i copied css and images folders of ext 1.1
    also ext-all.js and ext-all-debug.js
    then parallel to them i placed my...
  7. No i am not getting any 404's
    Please help me
    even my column header is not showing up/down arrows when hit it to sort

    Thanks for replying
  8. hi !

    I have a grid when i right click on column header

    it shows me columns option -> then list of columns
    but in the drop down i can see only column names but no check boxes are visible beside...
  9. that is so nice of you Fay
    thanks a lot!

    and here i have another query
    I hope you will help me

    i have a grid with a drop down in it's toolbar also remote sorting is done by it's data store...
  10. Hi!

    I have a tool bar button.

    when i place the mouse pointer on this button it is not showing the tooltip text
    I included ext-all.css
    This is my Toolbar button

  11. i have a datastore

    i reload it using :
    (like when i want to add new record to existing grid thru a control in grid toolbar)

    after this when i...
  12. i have a datastore

    i reload it using :

    after this i want to set add to false
    how can this be done with out using reload function's add:false...
  13. Thank You
  14. i am using a toolbar with a textItem added to it

    now i want to set some color to the text on the toolbar
    so that it looks different from other items on the toolbar

    how can this be...
  15. i have a grid
    when i click on column header along with
    remote sorting i want to do some thing else
    call a function after the grid loads
    generally i can do this using callback attribute of...
  16. i am using ext 1.1
    i have a grid with rows of different colors

    like i add rows to a grid by dragging and dropping from another grid and based on cell values i color them by overriding the...
  17. hi all!

    i am trying to render my grid after my data store loads

    my machine is taking minimum of 60-90 seconds time to load the store
    coz it needs to do join on database tables and then load...
  18. Any way
    Thanks for replying Fay
  19. Thanks for your reply

    but what i want is:

    my LayoutDialog is:

    layout=new Ext.LayoutDialog("NewDivP"+l, {
  20. hi!
    is there any way to find the GridPanel in which the grid resides
    or even the layout in which grid resides

    because i want to do layout.setTitle when i click a button in grid's toolbar

  21. hi!

    I am deleting selected records from a datastore

    selectedRow = this.getSelectionModel().getSelections();
  22. thanks
    can you please tell me how to use fire bug for debugging
  23. hi!

    This is sreenija and I am new to Ext frame work
    When i drag a row from one grid to the other my fire bug is saying
    _25.rows[_22]has no properties in ext-all.js

    and this is not coming all...
  24. hi!
    This is sreenija

    i am dragging and dropping rows from one grid to the other
    i am able to apply different colors to dropped rows on target grid based on the conditions

    but my problem is...
  25. Replies

    I am sreenija

    is there any way to use alignTo without constraining to viewport(i tried without ? even)

    is there any alternative to this
    please help...
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