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  1. Anyone can post at least some general suggestion? I'm still struggling with this.

    I just need to tell each combobox which part of the datastore to load, each grid row has more or less different...
  2. I have a data consisting of records like this one:

  3. The style setting still creates a 17px blank space on the right side of the panel. I solved this by setting the first panel's property autoWidth: true.
  4. Thanks again :-) Since I cannot define autoScroll property in the C# wrapper directly, I created an additional wrapper panel and everything scrolls fine now.

    But another problem arised, perhaps...
  5. Thanks issameddine, I had two mistakes in the sample code, but they are not present in the real code. The real problem is that I have two panels nested in one (of the accordion type), please see the...
  6. Ok, here's the simplified version. I guess it is caused by design of the table layout, is there any other layout I can use?

    var win = new Ext.Window({
    title: 'title'
  7. It is already put in such panel. As I wrote above, other panel (TreePanel) works fine and scrolls in the same container. But when I add this "table panel", the scrollbars do not appear.
  8. I want to nest a panel designed in table layout into an accordion. The panel currently contains2 combos, buttons, gridpanel and label. I want this panel to be scrollable within its parent (accordion)...
  9. A little bit thread-ressurection:

    I tested <br /> and it works fine in all 4 major browser, tough it might not comply some HTML standards. I use it only for specific error messages, so I don't...
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