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  1. I completely agree. It's erroneous to assume that a REST ID can only come from the remote source/API/proxy. I'm working on a patch now since this breaks the CMDB UI that I'm updating to 4.2. New...
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    I have tried both the example downloads as well as tried to use this in my grid. The sw is working great. But MS Office for Mac 2011 cannot open the xls file (which I rename to xlsx, since xls is...
  3. UPDATE: still a problem on 4.2.1

    When changing the value of the id property of a model with a REST proxy, the update function will fail due to the buildUrl method appending the new ID to the url...
  4. Basically the change event for a combo box is fired twice whenever the combo has an initial value. The combobox unsets it's value for the deselection of the dropdown and the selects the chosen...
  5. When you create a model (myModel) that uses a rest proxy and call the server saves the data per REST and returns a 204 code (can return a 204, or a 200 for a PUT request). When this...
  6. When I have a model that uses a rest proxy and when I call the server saves the data per REST and returns a 204 code. When this happens, the operation tries to read the response and...
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    I'm not clear on what you are trying to do. For any event about a node, I am getting the record from the store. The 'node' is just a record that has been decorated with the Node Interface class...
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    From TreeViewDropZone.js:

    docs say allowContainerDrop
    but code uses allowContainerDrops

    * @cfg {String} allowContainerDrop
    * True if drops on the tree container (outside...
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    There is no way that I can see to do filtering on a tree/treestore/treeview/nodes. NodeInterface does not provide a filter method. The tree class has a filter method but it calls a non-existent...
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    Really want this! Great work. I tried this with ExtJS 2 and I'm getting FF to crash and it doesn't work in chrome at all (yes I know about what's supported....)
  11. I was able to get this to work with 2.2 by using:

    dropConfig: {allowContainerDrop:true},

    in the tree config;
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