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  1. As a workaround you can copy the missing images from the default theme.
  2. Today I'm starting to work on a project where Drag & Drop is required and you published this yesterday! :D
    Looking forward to try it out.
  3. Last time I checked it was resolved. One workaround I found while it wasn't was to set the hidden property to true initially in the configuration and then when you want to show and animate the panel...
  4. Actually it works, it just didn't output to the iWebInspector console for some reason. Never mind.
  5. I know how to add events with the Sencha Touch framework but I need to add it directly like this

    document.getElementById("main").addEventListener("touchstart", function(){console.log('hi'););
  6. This is the sencha Touch 2 forum not ext2

    Sencha Touch version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 18
    Operating System:
  8. Exactly, thanks!
  9. I agree that is best to use CSS, but then why is the property there in the first place :)
  10. Is this by design?

    padding: '10em' //this does nothing
    //padding: '10px' //this sets the padding to 10px
  11. That was quick. Thanks!
  12. Exactly.
  13. I've find out that the bug happens after you apply filters to the store that is linked to the dataview. I have attached working code to reproduce the bug.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch...
  14. this.getRecord() sometimes returns wrong record in RC1 and RC2. It works properly in beta3. For example:

    actionButton: { cls : 'action-button',
    docked :...
  15. Replies
    Why don't you lazy load your list? You can use the list paging (!/api/Ext.plugin.ListPaging) plugin to load for example 20 items at a time.
    I don't think there is...
  16. I figured it out myself. In all-classes.js are all the classes (duh!) you use but it's not compressed and minified.

    And the example was build by putting the sencha touch classes needed in the...
  17. Also I want to know how the DataView example application ( was built to only require the app-all.js file. It says:

    "You can run this...
  18. When I use a overlay I can see that the -webkit-transform property is being animated. I want to know what is the proper way to set this property. I want to display a picture as overlay that will...
  19. The issue is resolved in Beta3
  20. Have you tried giving it a name like this:

    hasMany: {model:'MyApp.model.SfbResource', name:'sfbresources'}
  21. You can even call:

  22. That will disable all selection. I want to disable a selection after some number of selections has been made, i.e. to limit the number of selected items.
  23. Also I'm trying to call getCount( ) on the list object with no success.
  24. I have tried using the following code

    select:function(){ return false; }

    but it doesn't work, even though the function gets called. And according to the...
  25. That solved both issues, thanks!
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