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  1. Thanks Sven for the fix. :)
  2. Sven, I have found the problem for this. If the grid has Drag and Drop enabled, the selection of text doesn't work.

    I inserted the below code in the Editable Grid in the samples, and the text is...
  3. No Sven, I still need to update with the latest css. I don't have the permission to do that. I will ask the right person here to update it. I will update the thread accordingly.

  4. Ok, I was just wondering if it is an version issue. I removed all the local css that I am using. Anyway thanks for the reply :).

  5. FYI, I have also tried the css that were mentioned in the previous posts, like the -moz-user-select: text !important etc. But the text doesn't get select only with mouse, in FF only for EditorGrid.
  6. I have added a TextField to the EditorGrid using the ColumnConfig. I have set the disableTextSelection(false) for the TextField, but still I am not able to select the text.

    This happens only for...
  7. Hi eugenparaschiv,

    Did you achieve this, this happens in Firefix that too only for EditorGrid, where EditorTreeGrid text selection works fine. I have tried all the forums suggested solutions like...
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