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  1. You need to have file Default-568h@2x.png (640x1136) in your resources/loading, then when you will run "sencha app build native" that file will be copied by Sencha Command into appropriate place....
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    that error means that some value which packager expects to find in config is not found, but it's been fixed and packager will report missing value instead of crashing. The workaround for you is to...
  3. SDK tools was replaced for Sencha Command, here is the link to download:
  4. this is outdated config, generate new app and see packager,json file, it may happen when your app was generated long time ago and upgrade process does not upgrade packager.json, also what version of...
  5. this config is very outdated, install latest Sencha Command, then run sencha generate app and look on packager.json. Anyway, it is best to work though Sencha Command using "sencha app build native"...
  6. Whatever it was it's fixed now, I can not reproduce the issue with Sencha Command neither on Mac or PC
  7. Found a problem and fixed
  8. Yeah, sorry, it's resources/icons, Apple requires this file without extension but it's no problem, with or without extension packager will rename it automatically, as for 500x500 I will talk to the...
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    OK, I see that is for not packaged application, as even on iOS Simulator if application is packaged it will use and not We will fix.
  10. We tested that functionality again and it works, so the problem must be in apple developer center id/provisioning setup.
    Double check everything, if still not working email me at we...
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    what exactly does not work correctly at the moment?
  12. OK, fixed, in 2.2. You need to put iTunesArtwork file in resources/images and it will be automatically used by packager.
    Apple requirements to iTunesArtwork file is: 512x512, png format, no...
  13. make sure you enabled push notifications in your application ID in Apple developer portal, I also believe that you need to have all 3 callbacks for register function:

    success: function(token) {...
  14. In 2.1 you can use contacts only for iOS, not Android.

    What do you mean? Are you sure you using all latest versions and what exactly does not work?
  15. Hi, you're missing "notificationConfiguration":"debug" from your configuration file, that's why push permissions aren't generated.
  16. in your packager.json you have to have:

    "icon": {
  17. this issue has been resolved in build 201
  18. What version of Mac OS X you use?
    Do you have Xcode installed? If yes try to run this command before build.

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    try Sencha Command 3.0 with Touch 2.1 RC
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    I really like Sublime Text 2
  21. I had this problem once, what I did is uninstalled all jre and jdk that I had, then installed only jdk and set my PATH variable to jdk/bin, not JAVA_HOME, but PATH to include jdk/bin. Then it worked,...
  22. you need to set PATH to jdk, not jre
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    Are those files/folders exist at the locations specified? Also does this problem happen with newest build?
  24. In-App billing for iOS & Android is in development right now. However it's 99% that LVL will never get implemented.
  25. I'm now able to reproduce the issue and working on a fix
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