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  1. Dear SA Dev Team

    I really don't understand why this problem still exists.
    In Ext Designer 1.x there has been a lot of people have asked,
    but SA Dev Team still have not decided the solution.
  2. Hi,

    I have a project file create by Designer 1.1.2 ( extjs 3.x) ,
    is it possible to open the file with the latest version ( 1.2.3 ) ?

    p.s. I have the license for designer.
  3. SA Team,

    Many ppl have already asked to have search function / sub folder in Project inspector since Designer 1.x.
  4. pls try :


    and more
    i always use firefox with firebug plugin to debug my js code
    you can use:

    it will print the whole record object details in...
  5. Hi everybody,

    About the Panel disabled problem
    I found that when i disabled a panel such as GridPanel, extjs will create a div mask to over the target control.
    it look like to disabled...
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