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  1. Yes, but update the documentation. This page is just wrong.
  2. If I hook into the beforesubmit event from the Controller via the refs and control items rather than inline in the listeners, then it works.

    Any thoughts on why that might be?


  3. Any thoughts on this? The app doesn't look too good when you pop back up the view stack and views only fill part of the screen.
  4. Thanks Mitchell. I fear I failed miserably in explaining the problem properly :">. I don't think my component gets destroyed in the scenario. I'll try again…

    1) I display my component in a panel...
  5. Hi,

    I have a navigation view with a main (default) view. This default view is a panel with a custom component in it derived from Ext.Component. The custom component has its resize handler defined....
  6. Any idea why the beforesubmit handler might not be getting called then?
  7. Thanks Mitchell,

    Unfortunately it seems not. beforesubmit isn't even called in my test (at least, the breakpoint I set isn't hit).

    Here's the full definition of the formpanel (it's the first...
  8. Hi,

    I have an application which displays a searchfield. The action on the searchfield takes the value of the field and passes it to my own service which geocodes the address and returns a...
  9. Hi Jamie,

    Recompiling doesn't help.

  10. Hi Jamie,

    Had no idea I might need to do that :)

    I took the 2.0 SDK, was given a very bare-bones sample app, modified the resources/css/app.css file slightly, and then pointed to the 2.0.1-rc...

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0.1-rc

    Browser versions tested against:
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