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    I too am learning ExtJS and come from a predominantly PHP background.

    The main reason I want to use something like Ext in my applications is because once the initial app has loaded, all I am...
  2. My point about becoming a paying customer relates to the fact that I'm still at the decision stage of which Javascript library to use, as I imagine many people in the forums are.

    If we can't get...
  3. Sorry, my apologies. I somehow got the impression the comment came from the team.

    That kind of attitude really needs to change though because although I think ExtJS is great, I'm unlikely to...
  4. Tell me, how would you convert a non-paying customer to a paying customer?

    Honestly, you guys really need a course in customer relationship because the comments I've seen in this thread tell me...
  5. Any chance of more tutorials like this?

    I'd love to see a good tree example and maybe something that shows how to add these components nicely in a border layout with lazy loading.

    From what...
  6. It's time the ExtJS team took their heads out of the sand rather than retaliating against pro-active comments made by frustrated users.
    There is a problem with the documentation as the forums...
  7. This is a fantastic tutorial that helped me understand much more than just the grid component.

    You deserve a medal. Thank you very much.

    We need more tutorials of this calibre.
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    If you watch the screencast, the source download url is given at the end.

    Here it is to save you some time:
  9. I agree with one of the other comments that it is rather application specific, in that it depends on the amount of data returned.

    In deciding how many rows to send to the client, I would be...
  10. You know, this thread surprises me.

    Here we have people new to ExtJS trying to help out by explaining the problems they encounter when starting out, yet we're getting condescending remarks from...
  11. I wasn't surprised it queried the server, I just expected it to load the data from the store in the regular fashion and then do some ExtJS magic to make typeAhead work with the full set of data - as...
  12. The only problem here is the part I have underlined.
    Under NO circumstances should data be saved to the DB 'As is'. You can't make assumptions that the data is plain text. That's just foolish.

  13. Professional vs What?

    At what point do you become a professional?

    I've been developing websites for a living now for over 10 years.
    Starting out with simple static sites, I then learned ASP,...
  14. With the imminent release of the new IE8 and Firefox 3 browsers, it looks like we'll be in for more fun. Even our beloved Firefox seems to have problems with the desktop demo. I haven't tested it...
  15. I've been learning ExtJS for a few weeks now and although I've spent a lot of time in the forums, as one poster has already mentioned, there is a lack of simple examples for newbies to get their head...
  16. I would imagine most of the problems seen with Extjs are because Extjs is outputting code to be compatible with IE6/IE7.

    If IE8 is going to be more standards compliant, I wonder if it would be...
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    Thanks for helping me understand that a bit better. It's kind of how I thought it would be. I was rather hoping it might do some comparison and update itself with any new/changed files automatically.
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    Thank you for the tips.
    Here is the new code should anyone hit a similar problem:


    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.CookieProvider());...
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    What's funny is that I have managed what I thought would be the more difficult parts such as providing the data for the stores, the tree view, grid view etc.
    I just seem to keep hitting...
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    I'm new to extjs and was wondering if somebody could help with my noob problem.

    I have a border layout with a tab panel in the center.
    In each tab pane I wish to have a further border layout with...
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    Air looks great, I have a noob question though.

    How do you update the clients application after you have made changes?

    Currently any changes I make to my web application would be instantly...
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    This doesn't seem to work well for me in IE or Firefox.
    Dragging panels doesn't seem to put them in the correct region in a border view and clicking the elements in the element tree doesn't change...
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