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  1. Thanks. I had assumed since it was included in...


    I had assumed since it was included in the sencha docs that it was a custom object with some overrides. I figured out what was causing the issue to. It was the time zone. I am -8 hours...
  2. Date.getHours() not returning correct value for elapsed time.

    Hello there. I am using I have a simple piece of code that is trying to get the hours and minutes of elapsed time from a start time to the current time. But for some reason the getHours...
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    years : 12 *4*7*24*60*60, ...

    years : 12 *4*7*24*60*60,
    months : 4 *7*24*60*60,

    Doesn't that mean that all months have just 28 days in them? I think you will run into problems here unless you are wanting...
  4. [CLOSED] Thank you for getting back to me and trying to...

    Thank you for getting back to me and trying to clear things up.

    I don't agree that the docs differentiate the functions. I had read those descriptions before submitting this bug request. What is...
  5. [CLOSED] I disagree. When a function is counter-intuitive...

    I disagree. When a function is counter-intuitive and unpredictable, I consider it a bug. I understand that the generalistic way Sencha was designed allows for a wider functionality. And that it seems...
  6. [CLOSED] Why is there the difference?

    Thanks for the response, but I guess my problem is why there is a difference? Why have a function removeAt, which is listed in the documentation to remove components of the tab panel, that is able to...
  7. [CLOSED] doesn't work right.

    I read through the [CLOSED] Tab Panel removeAt: possible bug? thread and decided that my problem, while related was different enough to warrant a new thread.

    I recently ran into this problem where...
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    [NOREPRO] Nevermind - Figured it out

    Arg. I am so mad I could spit. Well not really. Anyways, I figured it out. I had been using a project setup from an old project. So all I did when I upgraded was to update the...
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    [NOREPRO] Missing Post.

    Sorry, my last post might be a bit confusing. I thought I had made a post previously that had mentioned that I did get the animation to work in an old version of Sencha Touch from 2011. The problem...
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    [NOREPRO] It did it again

    I just downloaded the commercial version of Sencha Touch 2 version again, and it is doing the same thing. I am using the sencha-touch-all-debug.js file. I tried different files from the same...
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    [NOREPRO] Now it is getting really weird

    Okay, so I converted my code to be like yours. I changed the references to other views to styled colors and the menu view to the toolbar just like yours.

    When I tried to to the 'cover' 'up'...
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    [NOREPRO] Sorry, here is the bug report info.

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Sencha Touch
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 21(Mac)
    Safari 6
    PhoneGap iPhone 3 (iOS 4.2)
    PhoneGap iPhone simulator (iOS 5.1)...
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    [NOREPRO] Not sure why the code section isn't working

    I tried several times to get the code to format properly. I'm not sure why it wouldn't. Here is a cutdown version of the code just so you have an idea of what I am talking about.

    layout: {type:...
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    [NOREPRO] Vertical Card Animation Not Working

    I have created a Sencha Touch 2 test application that uses a card layout for the base view. I am simply trying to change the animation so that when switching between cards, that it will do it in a...
  15. Nevermind

    Aaaaarg. Okay, so much time wasted. I upgraded the sencha touch distro I was using and it seems this bug has been fixed. My code is working now with the hideAnimation. Now I just have to find a good...
  16. I think it is a bug in Sencha Touch.

    So I created a popup menu view. It is a simple Panel that gets added to Ext.Viewport and shown with the show() function. Here is some of the code.

    Ext.define('Syl.view.AppMenuView', {
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    I am also hoping to find some better...

    I am also hoping to find some better documentation on building proxies. For instance, what is the interaction between Stores and Proxies and Readers/Writers. What is the Operation object like and how...
  18. [FIXED] A temp fix until the main branch is fixed.

    Hey there. I was having the same issue. After pounding my head against a wall and searching the forum, I decided to correct it myself in the library. This is a real fix, just a temp one, as any...
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