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  1. Yes, I just read the code and "next" calls "setActiveItem" with an animation parameter that it does not support.


    Is this a known/logged bug? How do I check/report that?
  2. Thanks for the rapid reply :)

    I tried this exact line

    but there was no transition effect.
  3. Thank you!

    Is there an example somewhere for preparing an animation. What I thought would work, is not.
  4. In Extjs4, changing a card appears to be done via setActiveItem(index) whereas in Touch the same function has setActiveItem(index,animation).

    How can I apply a slide animation to a card layout...
  5. I am sure this is a simple question, but it has me stumped for some reason.

    During an event such as a button press, I want to walk up the tree (ownerCt) until I find a specific xtype instance....
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    I have a grid using the EditorGrid plugin for inline editing. The field validation will run which is great, but it pops up a qtip that literally bounces from left to right overtop of...
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    It has something to do with GroupTabPanel for sure. A quick test of using a plain Panel below the TabPanel works as expected.
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    I think its related to the grouptab beneath the tabpanel. The hierarchy is...

    ViewPort / TabPanel / TabGroup

    It seems taggroup is complaining or causing issues when I cleanup TabPanel.
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    Using: ExtJs3.3.1

    I need to clear out all tabs of a certain type, so I wrote a method like this...

    tabs = this.TabPanel.findByType('xtypetoremove');
    for ( i=0; i<tabs.length; i++ ){...
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