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  1. Resolved this issue by a work around. Had to get the focus on a textfield on the child window on load of the final store expected on screen.

    Something like this:

    //need to set the focus...
  2. There has to be some way to tackle this. Right?
    Or Maybe if I can achieve the condition of clicking inside the window to get the control inside window..
    Is there a programmatic way to click inside...
  3. Hi Gary,

    If I comment the entire snippet above, shorcut keys won't run.
    If I comment out only the first line (which is supposed to get focus), the page would still behave the same. Have to...
  4. Hello Everyone,

    Any help here would be great!

  5. Hi,

    On load of the window, the button shortcuts inside window are not enabled until you click somewhere inside the window.
    The window has viewport as its main (base) element i.e viewport is...
  6. Hi,

    I have an ajax call to load data in my JsonStore. But the store ends up loading half or no data at all at times. I suspect this might be due to the ajax call taking time to execute server side...
  7. Hi,
    With extjs 3.4, I have put up a grid which has an action column. In my business logic, I need to perform actions on cellClick based on calling entity. Herein, one of the checks is to identify...
  8. Thank you for the reply.
    I understand that disabling the editor is a way, but my issue was a bit different.
    Problem: Herein, I had declared a column consisting of an image, whose onclick would...
  9. Yes, I had found the work around using beforeedit. Though canceledit didnt help.
    Following is the working code which I implemented.

    beforeedit: function (roweditor, rowIndex) {
  10. Hi,

    I am working with RowEditor and trying to enable/disable the editable property dynamically. But as many different ways I try, it doesnt seem to work.

    For eg: in following scenario, I want...
  11. I haven't found any resolution to this yet. Any idea over this please?

  12. Thank you for moving the post. I wasn't able to do so, hence, duplicated it.

  13. Hi,

    I am trying setup my RowEditor(ExtJs v3.3.1) such that, a specific column is skipped from the editor, as shown in the below image (for Help column). What happens as of now is that - all the...
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