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  1. Fair enough. Thanks.
  2. Great work on this plugin, however, I am having trouble when using grid.reconfigure() The icon actions disappear when you apply the reconfigure

    my code goes like this:

    this.columns = [{xtype:...
  3. I realize that but then if grid.reconfigure() is supposed to support any type of column config change then this is a bug because it does not do that right now. You cannot swap from a regular to a...
  4. #2 is Fixed with the workaround you specified. Now grids correctly reconfigure the columns without having to necessarily load the store. #3 and #4 were related, they also work fine now.

    #1. I...
  5. Thanks. That makes sense. I've modified the code to your suggestions but the issues noted above still stand.
  6. There maybe several issues with Grid Reconfigure:

    I am using Ext 4.1.3 and 4.1.4 but I am pretty sure other close versions have it as well.
    If the original column config does not include one...
  7. I am having a similar issue here but with Extjs. I am trying to get a prod build of the MVC Application Architecture tutorial but when browsing the app, the files are dynamic loaded still from the...
  8. Clearly there are some issues on 4.1.0 and the locking, if you use locking and group header together it crashes in FF and does unexpected things in Chrome. Some of that is fixed in 4.1.1 but 4.1.1...
  9. 4.1.0 does not seem to have the scrolling issues in Chrome as noted but 4.1.1 has them as well. I could not move to it because of them.
  10. By the way, this is what I ended up doing:

    var cm = grid.getView().getHeaderCt();

    cm.suspendLayout = true;

    // .... do your column manipulation...

    // resume layout
    cm.suspendLayout =...
  11. I was having a similar issue. See

    I tried using the param array as...
  12. I was having a similar issue with Direct and Ext 4.0.7 which was puzzling and it seems to me like it might be a bug.

    I am using ColdFusion and my in this particular example, the createAPIScript...
  13. Hi,
    I have a routine that dynamically changes the column display on a grid, from a menu I select my "views" and it will re-arrange the display. In Extjs 3x

  14. This is a related issue I believe:
    I am trying to use the LockingGridView with the EditorGridPanel and when you lock a column that has an editor defined it messes up the layout of the grid. If you...
  15. You can map it in the reader config section of your store:

    reader: new{
    fields: [
    { name: 'employeeId', mapping: 'EMPLOYEEID', type: 'int' }
    ,{ name:...
  16. Hi Jim
    Any updates on the revisions you were working on?
  17. Great Jim, I am looking forward to checking out the new version!
    Let me know if you looked into adapting it to coldspring, that's something I'd be very interested in. Once you have your version up I...
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    Any news on a 3.x compatible version?

  19. Replies
    Great work Saki,
    I was just trying to track this project with the infinite number of references to it in google. I downloaded it and tried it with the brand new Ext 3.2 and I am getting an error...
  20. Greg.
    I downloaded your templates and I see what you mean.
    Thanks for responding.
  21. Hey Greg,
    I played with Jim's 0.9 version and came up with some ideas/changes. I did not know of this post (I wish forums had the ability to merge threads or relate them) I posted my version last...
  22. Jim,
    I'd be curious to see what you use but attached is my version with some modifications to make it portable in a any directory structure. The changes are quite a few so please check the...
  23. Hi Jim,

    I've downloaded the package and started playing with it and came up with a few questions and suggestions.

    First of all great job on something that to me sounds like a good candidate for...
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    Did you have some final code you can share? I am in need of something similar right now.

    Thanks in advance.
  25. I have a similar need and I am searching for a "best practice" approach to session management. I am using ExtJS 3.1 and ColdFusion. Are there any pointers as to how to approach the synchronization of...
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