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  1. Ext.util.openLink = function(href) {
    var link = document.createElement('a');
    link.setAttribute('href', href);
    var clickevent =...
  2. That's pretty close. In my case the label text wraps to a new line and the height of the checkbox is smaller than the height of the label.
  3. On a checkboxfield with labelAlign:'top' and labelWidth:'100%', the check mark is half on the label box and half in the input box.

    Does anyone know a way around this?
  4. Checkbox with labelAlign:top badly positioned check on phones.

    On a checkboxfield with labelAlign:'top' and labelWidth:'100%', the check mark is half on the label box and half in the input box.
  5. I have a standard link in the "html":"content area" of a standard panel and would like to prevent the default behavior for clicking, and adding my own behavior such as an Ext.Msg.alert() or other....
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    Also, cookies taste delicious with sriracha sauce.
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    Thanks Mitchell. Are you just trying to reach a quota for the day? :P

    # User enters login info to sencha app
    # Sencha app makes request to drupal server to login (json server addon to services...
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    I can't login to my remote server with my app on iOS unless cookies are set to "Always Accept". I need a way around this since the requirements of the project I'm on will not allow me to set a popup...
  9. Do you have your store set?
    Can you check your javascript developer console and see if there are json objects stored?
    The if/else conditional in my example above is required if you want to separate...
  10. Bump. Same question. Bueller? Bueller? ....
  11. Full code here:
  12. Found a solid solution here. If anyone has further 508 tweaks, please post them!

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Checkbox, {
    renderTpl : [
    '<tpl if="label"><label for="{inputId}"...
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    That really screws with the app and I get two panels occupying the same space at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  14. I realize a touch app like this won't be 100% 508 compliant, but since I'm building for government applications I need to be able to show reasonable effort. Currently the form labels are a div...
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    The first time this panel is accessed, there is a button at the bottom. The second time, it's removed, but the space where the button was is still taking up space. Anyone have any ideas?

  16. Think you might just need to do something like this:

    App.theStore = Ext.StoreMgr.lookup('theStoreID');

  17. I do now... I'll try to post as soon as I get a free moment.
  18. Yeah, the modal works, I wasn't getting the gray mask I wanted. I ended up getting the results I wanted with :


    The getEl() was...
  19. I'm doing basically this...

    var newPanel = new Ext.Panel({someconfig});'pop');

    The panel shows up where I want it to, but unlike a standard message box, there is no gray...
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    How do you add the gray overlay above everything except under the floating panel?
  21. Found the solution:
    .x-field.x-field-number { background-color: white!important; }
  22. Know of any way to hack the same without having to use a fieldset? My labels are set to align:top, which look like awful on a phone when using a fieldset, but look fine otherwise.
  23. This is close, but it also put the input text bumped right up against the edge.
    Bump. Still not solved.
  24. Do something like...

    onItemDisclosure: true,
    listeners : {
    itemtap : function(record,index,item,e) {
    if (e.getTarget('.x-list-disclosure')) {
    // do something with the...
  25. Thanks!
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