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    This happened when I try to edit booking opening the summary Panel.
    I think I fix that removing unecessary nesting. As you can see in attached code I nested FormPanel in a Panel and then attach it...
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    I have a big problem with FormPanel. After second time I try to access the FormPanel after trying to scroll panel down it still go back to top.
    I did some research, it looks like div of class...
  3. Well, I do not have TabPanel ;). I use some extension TabBarMvc to resolve controller/action urls and I use simple panels. I tried to call doComponentLayout on the formPanel but it didn't work
  4. I have TabBar added to application in my viewport. I also have login page on which I don't want to show the tabbar. I use the Ext.getCmp('TabBar').hide() to hide the tabbar. It is working since this...
  5. I found the cause, but can't find solution.
    Problems isn't limited to only Android devices.
    It looks like, that changing orientation of the phone makes it impossible to show the tabbar without...
  6. ok, that is strange, it works on android emulator, and different phone with android but not on my device. I need to perform more test, but thanks for help :)
  7. From what I can see in the sourse, the setVisible method is just calling show() and hide() based on boolean passed as parameter, so I don't see how this could help ;)

    But I did make some progress...
  8. I have standard Vieport on my application where I docked some navigation TabBar to switch card.
    I also have Login Panel, where I don't want to show tabbar. So I include hiding component using...
  9. hm, but class "x-fit-item" is present in rendered code. But there's no height and content.
    I tried adding specific cls: "x-fit-item" to both panels, and tabpanel, but it didn't help :/
  10. @mitchellsimoens

    x-item-fit not x-fit-item?
    And where should I apply this rule? TabPanel?
  11. Thanks, I checked the html rendered using Chrome Inspect
    Here's how it looks

    <div id="BookingForm" class="x-panel x-tabpanel x-tabpanel-dark x-fit-item" style="left: 0px; top: 0px; ">
  12. Hey,
    I have a complex multiple step form putted in tabpanel but I noticed that there are some bugs when I tr to open it.
    If I try to access form from other cards everything appears to be working,...
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    Thank you! Works perfectly with {single: true}. I also moved initiating the listener before loading the store as you suggested
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    I have an MVC application. In one part I'm showing list of clients with possibility to add new one, view/edit details of existing.
    I want to load the client list when accessing specific action,...
  15. Any ideas on that?
    I found another stange thing on that
    If I do

    App.stores.BookingStore.filter('bookingID', url.token);
  16. Thanks you for your answer.
    About it, I do want to load new data using proxy because on each page I want to load new set of records from mysql so the load() method seems right for me...
    But of...
  17. I am using some custom paging with my store, so I'm manually calling store.load() with params after a correct event occurs. However, after loading additional data I can't use getById function to...
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    mitchellsimoens - thank you for your reply.
    Did I have to use those methods directly? These are not called automatically?
    I tried putting some code into one of the controller action:

    var booking...
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    Hey everybody.
    First, I'm not sure if I shouldn't post it on Sencha Touch forum, but the problem looks related strictly to ExtJs, not Touch.
    I'm trying to implement some associated models and...
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