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    I am not sure if this is a bug or not. When using ExtDirectLoad action to load a FormPanel, the result returned by the direct function, it's returned directly no matter if there is an...
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    Si te referis a este TreeGrid (, nunca lo use... pero parace ser una extension de Ext.tree.TreePanel, con lo cual supongo que...
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    Primero que nada, te aconsejo escribir en ingles porque me parece que vas a conseguir bastante mas ayuda.

    En cuanto a tu pregunta, no se bien a que te referis con eso de los niveles......
  4. Hi there,

    this works for me:

    var reader = new{
    totalProperty: 'total',
    successProperty: 'success',
    idProperty: 'id',
    root: 'records'
  5. Hey,

    What do you mean with: "but not works" ?? are you using firebug? what do you see? any request to the server? any js error? If you provide more information, it will be easier to help you.
  6. Hey,

    I'm stuck with the same issue...

    any update on this?

    Best Regards
  7. Hey... it's me again...

    I also found a problem when the create/update action fails due to a server validation or something like that.

    The 'onWrite' function, in seems to...
  8. Hey, nobody??

    I'm still looking for this...

    All I found it's that I should overwrite the functions onCreateRecords/onUpdateRecords in,

    onCreateRecords :...
  9. Hi,

    I'm trying to implement the example in using a DirectStore and Ext.Direct functions in the api property, but I can't figure out what...
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    Hi guys,

    I just released the initial public release of extdirect.django. Hope you like it.

    Best Regards
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    Hi guys

    I'm working on an implementation of Ext.Direct for Django

    people using Django, may want to give it a try and let me know your...
  12. Hi there,

    I have a problem here...

    I can't get working the function remove without destroying the component removed.

    container.remove('panel-id', false)
  13. Thanks you very much guys.

    I learned more than I expected with this post.

    Best Regards
  14. Hey,

    Thanks for your help guys.

    Could you please, translate "move components" to some sample code?

    Best Regards
  15. Hey,

    What do you mean with:

    Could you please, write some pseudo code to clarify this? I will appreciate it very much.

    I can't see the difference with just use show/hide the components. (if...
  16. Thanks you guys


    I also thought something like that. (using setVisible(true/false)) but do you think that this pattern could scale for a real application?

    I mean, if each panel has...
  17. Hey,

    Thanks for the reply.

    So, this is the `right` or `recommended` way to do it?

    panel1.destroy();'container').dom.innerHTML = "<div id=panel-2></div>"
  18. I'm looking for the way to update the components on my web application.

    I'm aware of function `load`, to update the contents of a given Panel, but I would like to do it without the XHR call.

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    well actually I don't know how to do it yet. what do you think? should be possible?

    any idea on where to start?

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    Hi there,

    I'm really newbie with ExtJs, but I think that it's amazing by now. my english it's not very good, but I will try to explain my self.

    I'm going to start a new project with Zope3 (Grok...
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