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    That's awesome! Thank you!

    I still need to figure out why this is best practice in this particular case, but for the moment I'm satisfied that it works.
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    Ok, guys, sorry to do this, but I am stumped. I'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now!

    I have a form (View), a ViewModel, a Store, and a Model. The Store queries an Ajax (CORS) source. I'm...
  3. Awesome. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Awesome, thank you!

    I also take it using a card layout would be sub-optimal, because each one of my views/viewcontrollers is pretty hefty, and I don't want to pre-load all of this stuff up front....
  5. Ok, I'm an Ext.js 5 neophyte, and I'm trying to write Ext.js "the write way."

    I'm also jumping into the deep end of the pool right away: my app is a full-page ext.js app, MVVM, commanded with...
  6. Any updates to this one?
  7. Okay, I figured it out. I first removed a conflicting included javascript file that was being loaded in our HTML header. Then I move the `paths` property out of `Ext.Loader.setConfig()` and put it in...
  8. Hi all. I have a grid filtering setup that works fine in ExtJS, but when I attempt to upgrade to, my grid filters no longer work, and I'm complete stumped as to why. :( I'd like to...
  9. An old thread, I'm aware, but I'm flummoxed by this myself.

    Regarding the mechanisms that are different for the store's filter versus the grid's filter, this is confusing in and of itself.

    If I...
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    Hi! Old post, but did you ever manage to resolve this?
  11. So... did you ever resolve this issue? I'm doing pretty much the same thing, and I'm stuck at the same place.
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