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  1. Hi Sencha people, especially those from Nordics!

    I'm happy to introduce you second meetup of Sencha Developers Group Norway. We will meet on February 20 in the center of Oslo and dicsuss...
  2. Hi!
    We (group of Sencha enthusiasts) are happy to announce Norway's first Sencha Developers Meetup. It will be held on November 28 in Oslo's Teknologihuset. Communicating, sharing experiences,...
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    Brand new site at the end of 2013 with not responsive layout? Are you serious?
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    Will you provide full backward compatibility with 2.2 projects?
  5. Yes, I run IIS and Apache without any problems on this PC (of course they are shutted down when I try to start Sencha Cmd). Also I closed any programs using net, no ports 8000 (or any I used) are...
  6. Thanks for fast reply. But it still not works:


    >sencha fs web -port 8000 stop
    Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342
    [INF] Contacting http://localhost:8000/.stop for shutdown port
    [ERR] Connection...
  7. Hi!
    I've just installed Sencha Cmd. I'm trying to start webserver but I'm getting an error:
    sencha fs web -port 8000 start -map app_dir
    Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342
    [INF] Starting shutdown...
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