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  1. bump!
  2. bump!
  3. Hi folks....

    in EXTJS 3, on tree beforedrop listeners I used this code in order to get the drop position:

    dropPoint = this.getDropPoint(e,targetNodeData,ddSource,sourceNodeData);

    Now in...
  4. Hi Ext_soft
    In extjs4 I use Ext.tree.plugin.TreeViewDragDropView ( ptype: treeviewdragdrop )
    for handler D&D, but TreeViewDragDropView has only 2 listeners:

    - DROP

    Ext4 DOC
  5. Good day folks,
    I've some problem with tree Drag&Drop.... in ExtJs4...

    I've understand how handler DROP-ACTION:
    In the viewConfig I use treeviewdragdrop plugin, and then I can handler...
  6. Thanks friends : )

    work very well!
    thanks vietits

    getEl( ) is a good idea, but a tree node ( "" class ) hasn't getEl() function : (
  7. Hi folks...
    time ago, with ExtJs 3, I used


    now ... How can I do the same thing with Extjs4 ?????

    without getUI() ... I can't get node...
  8. this.cascase is not a function of course
    because this.cascade is a function : )

    Error in Ext3-compat.js

    findByType:function(inType) {
  9. yes ...
    I see.... I've used xtype:"gridview" instead xtype:'dataview'...

    silly error....

    thanks mitchellsimoens!
  10. Hi folks,
    time ago, in ExtJs3 I has a wonderfull Ext.DataView component... as son of ...
    Now in ExtJs4 I've translate it in this one:

    items: [{
  11. Hi rdougan,
    I've not write all my code because I don't want waste people time...
    but I get detailCard in this way:

    listeners: {
    leafitemtap: function(list, index, item, e) {

  12. A very important discvery:

    if in panel p2, I add:

    xtype: 'panel',
    id: 'p2',
    fullscreen: true,
    style: 'text-align: center;',
    data: { name: 'homer simpson'}, <--------------------- NEW LINE!
  13. jay, rdougan thank you for your advices.

    I've rewrite my code, but It doesn't works : (
    This time I've:

    var nestedList = Ext.create('Ext.NestedList', {
    fullscreen: true,
  14. Hi folks,
    I've read this

    and I've tried to implement it, but without lucky....
    Can you help me? This is...
  15. Ok rdougan,
    thanks for the info!!
  16. But I've done it...
    and it works ( without reader sencha doesn't read data in mResponseData.rows.results )
    but result value is get as string and not decoded in array ...
    I dont't know because it...
  17. Hi Mitchell,
    and thanks for your aids...

    I've read your message, but I doesn't understand it very well : (

    I load remote data ( from this.AJAX_REQUEST_URL ) ...
    and Sencha uses very well...
  18. Good day folks,
    I've a problem with JSONSTORE.. I'll write my code, and then I'll tell you where the problem is:

    Ext.define('newModel', {
    extend: '',
  19. thanks a lot for the response :-)
  20. Yes, the solitaire example use the localStorage, wich is a key/value storage.

    But SQL Client-Side Database is different from local Storage.

    I'd like to know if Sencha will support it in the...
  21. With the release of Sencha Touch i've begin to investigate the possibilities of webApps, and I've found that one of the most interesting feature of HTML5 are the Database Storage features.

  22. I'd like to know if you have changed only the Javascripts files, or the .Net files too....

    I work with PHP edition,
    I've tried to make your spaw version works inside Extjs changing the...
  23. hi
    if you have even tried with more columns, the problem is in every column present?
  24. Hi guys
    i have a question for you

    i have a problem in explorer with a input text search combobox.

    when i had the extjs library at version 2.0 everything worked in every browser.
    then i had to...
  25. Hi all,
    this is my second post on this matter because I have not solved my issue yet.
    I want to construct a Panel with a TabPanel inside and put a TreePanel into each tab (see the first and the...
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