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  1. see here:
  2. I got an answer that this should be fixed in 4.0.2 but I cannot confirm it. I will send a request for this issue again.
    Still no scrollbar with this here:...
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    No, our evaluation app didn't contain checkbox selection model. But you can download the QF test tool and check that out.
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    We just evaluated QF (it's a commercial product) for automated tests. First results with ext js applications were good.
    see for more details.
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    Brian, you'll be the tourist guide then? :)
  6. I need to be able to re-define the model dynamically. I cannot do this because of the error message Tobi posted.

    Shouldn't it be possible to "overwrite a model"?
  7. I opened a support ticket. They told me it's probably a bug. But no solution yet.
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    perhaps it's a traffic problem.
    ...but I can confirm: it's slow. I-|
  9. I may not use Ext.Viewport for my application due to several reasons. I have read a few posts referring this and I think that I'm not the only one, that has to handle this requirement. I would like...
  10. Very comforting... ;) Croatia is nice, hope you enjoy. I will open a support ticket. Thanx.
  11. Got the same problem in my application. Any help on this?
  12. Thank you.
    bodyStyle: {border:0}
    solved it! :)
  13. Hi,
    this is reorder.js from examples folder, I just removed title, border and dockedItems. The tree still shows a blue border line on the top.

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    I don't understand this hard separation between a framework for touch devices and a framework for desktop pcs. I create an application to be used in a browser. That's my minimum requirement.

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    Good question. Same situation for us: we already created a complex technical application with Ext JS 3.0. We will migrate to Ext JS 4.0.

    New requirement: People will use the application on...
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    It would be nice, if I could select multiple objects at the same time (or all objects in a container) to specify all objects width or height (or similar) in one action.

  17. That explains my growing confusion. ;) I also have to thank.
  18. Hi there,

    I'm new to sencha touch and I step through the kitchensink examples to learn how to use the framework.
    I tried to send a session id with all of my ajax requests as follows:

  19. Thanx for that great screencast. I never liked using static IDs and tried to avoid it. I have to train beginners using extjs and it's always hard to teach them not to flood the application with...
  20. Thank you very much for your answers. :)
  21. Hi,

    I already created a lot preconfigured classes and I always try to learn from the community to write better code.
    I read about the Ext.getCmp()-thread and using the "ref"-option and now I'm a...
  22. I'm using 3.1.
    Is this still the way to pass the scope? Using createDelegate()?

  23. I prepared an example to show the effect. The "hide and set"-action is slower then the "set and hide then"-action (factor 2-3).

    Any explanation?

    Greetings Tina

  24. Hello,

    I detected different javascript execution times of calling the setValue ()-method when running through different scenarios.
    For me, it seems, that setValue() (e.g. of a textarea) can only...
  25. I set the the following line:

    Ext.Container.prototype.bufferResize = false;I open a Ext Window and it's content is getting rendered visible, one after one....
    After rendering, I checked the...
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