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  1. Hi,

    While running my Sencha touch app on Blackberry Torch's default browser. I found that tap event is not getting registered on the left button of toolbar, whereas it is working fine on right...
  2. Hi,

    While running my application in Blackberry Torch 9810 OS 7.0 I am facing some performance issues given below.

    1) Tap Event is not registering properly in the toolbar buttons especially left...
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    Is this Accordian Layout code ready to use in Sencha Touch 2 and if not by what time can we expect it to be ready. Because we need to implement this functionality in our product and this is...
  4. Hi,

    I am opening a picker on tap of selectfield in my form. And i want to change the color of the selected text to red.
    I am applying the cls in the select field. It works in changing the font...
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    PFA the screen shot of my attached form and tell me why the borders are showing in my form although i have applied bodyBorder : false . Below is the part of my code Please check where i am...
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