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    I'd also like to know this if anyone has any ideas?

    I'm not concerned if ext-all-debug.js has to be passed through another tool, I'd just like to know what is done by Ext to build the...
  2. I've been looking at this again (out of necessity) and playing with the patch posted in this thread, found that calls to getPropertyValue(...) on webkit were almost always returning null, which is...
  3. Thanks for letting me know - any further updates as and when would be appreciated.

  4. Just a quick note - assume you already tested on other browsers - but I finally got around to trying IE, and IE7 got upset with this. Looking at the Ext 2.2 Element code that this fix was overriding...
  5. This seems to work :) I've tried the sample file from Animal, and our code and it seems much happier. Safari 4 is definitely OK. Will try Chrome etc. in a moment and report back if there are...
  6. I've voted on that bug now - thanks for that link Animal.
  7. Not sure to be honest!? Depends how the Ext want the Chrome bugs managed, though this occurs in webkit not just Chrome. If it is better being in the bugs forum, please feel free to move to an...
  8. I have a problem (which has already been mentioned by Animal - with the values that getMargin() returns when running in a webkit based...
  9. I have tried many many things to get some screens we have to display grids inside forms correctly. This issue has appeared in FF3, or as I've since discovered, perhaps become more apparent in FF3...
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    An update - and I've finally solved it :)

    Using the following two pieces of code I can see that the timeout and function calls are happening as I would expect:

    window.setTimeout =...
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    Thanks for the response. I seem to be doing all the right things :(

    I'm using version 1.1.1 of Ext.

    My code is setup as follows (the this. references are just because I have all the...
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    I've been through the forums with a variety of searches but am unable to find a solution to my problem. I wondered if anyone had any insight about where I should look next...?

    I've got a...
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