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  1. Brilliant advice, thanks very much.
  2. Thanks for replying.

    So, is Ext.get / getCmp more efficient than querying the container parameter with .down?
  3. I have come up with a solution, but I am still open to any newer / better ideas.

    My current solution is as follows:

    Create app / util / config.js:

    Ext.define('YOURAPPNAME.util.Config', {...
  4. I want to append a value to an existing HTML string on a label. I can do this by reading the existing value, and then setting a new value based on the existing plus the new one, as follows:

  5. I'm working through this example. It requires an 'io' property in the application config as follows:

    config: { io: { appId: "5ZarPd0Cu6XyZC15AVHTE1BXq6C", appSecret:...
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