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  1. i have 1000 items in a list control, i want to know which 10 items displayed in current viewport??
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    i want to implement a email client using sencha touch. are there any javascript api or lib to finish sending and receiving email function like javamail?

    give some advice, please, thanks.
  3. test: function() {'resources/');

    with above code, in chrome browser, it works well. but in ipod's safari browser, it fail to download the file.
  4. show a disclosure icon (like the list's disclosure icon) in my panel, how to do?
  5. there are many views in my app, i want to get the current showed view in controller, how to do?
  6. i can generate doc for a sencha touch project using jsduck. but i want to know whether i can use the jsdoc ( to generate api document for sencha touch project?
  7. i want to send a request to get a response string from another domain other than the one my app run on, but following code only get an empty string. how to do.....?

    Ext.Ajax.request({ url:...
  8. Jamie Avins , this bug still exists in beta3
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    it works, I made a mistake, sorry.
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    Is it a bug ?
  11. Jamie Avins, thanks for your quick reply, i see.
  12. i want a textareafield to show 20 lines text, so i set the maxRows: 20, but only 4 lines text is visible. the code is as following:


    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true});

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    i want to modify the button text color with cls property, but it fails. why?
    .testcolor {
    color: red;
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    yes, it is, the mask remains. why?
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    i want to popup a modal window, the code is as following.
    when i show it, the animation works well. and tap the mask, it hide, the mask disappear, the animation works well too.

    but if i tap a...
  16. after i modify the item content of carousel, i want to remove all the items and set new items, i encounter following error, why? a not fixed bug??

    var orderCarousel =...
  17. items: [{
    xtype: 'image',
    width: 200,
    height: 180

    i want to set the src value to show another image. but it doesn't work, how to use an img control to show different...
  18. var spinner = this.down('spinnerfield');
    spin: this.onSpinnerValChanged,
    scope: this
    change: this.onSpinnerValChanged,
    scope: this
  19. Ext.define('Post',{
    hasMany ...
  20. i know the create view instance as you said.


    but how to get the created view instance in controller.
  21. how to get 'OrderList', 'Main' view instance in controller.

    i can get Main view instance by this.getMain(), but get undefined by this.getOrderList
  22. i want to know same problem.

    how to hide current view and show create and show another view as pr3?
  23. mitchellsimoens , can you give me a css reference link?
  24. How to implement flip (turn page) effects like jpageflipper (
  25. in sencha touch pr2, i can fire a event from one controller to another controller, it works normally. the code is as following.

    a controller:

    this.application.fireEvent('eventname', para);

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