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  1. Thank you for your reply.

    I am able to update the database table while saving or updating the record.

    But still it gives old data.

    If I tried to update second time it gives last saved...
  2. I am working on project using desktop application api.

    I have one grid editor where there is about 11 text fields and I have to save the edited value on "update" button. I did this using edit...
  3. I have a grid editor where I have column under column.
    And I dont used ant tbar to add the record.

    Because my grid have data from database and user onlu can update this record.

    And thid grid...
  4. I tried something like this.

    I have created one grid panel and creates columns under it. I just set dataIndex: properties to that columns.

    And the dataIndex: property must be same to variable...
  5. yes corrcet.
    I made this on load event of gridstore and I worked.
  6. Can we control this event?

    Because In my project I have such requirement that if user add the items in selected list once then user should not be able to remove those items or cannot change the...
  7. It worked for me in ext 4.1
  8. I want to display header text dynamically.
    Please check this snapshot.

  9. In my application I have 7 grid editors. And user have provision to save or update all grid editors at once.

    For save and update I made ajax requests to different jsp's.

    But the problem is data...
  10. After loading the store of grid it giving the,
    but my json data looks like this

  11. Thanks.
    It worked for me.
  12. I dont want to do it on store load, when a single row is rendered that time i have to get values from that row add to it an array and after it next row should be rendred.
  13. Yes Its working now.

    Now I have different problem.

    I have an javascript array for some requirement.

    Now when is grid is loading or after loading the value of drop downs of that grid should...
  14. After removing data Index is not working.
  15. I tried like this.

    var index = sizestore.find("valuefield",value);
  16. Thank you for your quick reply.

    The code given by is givving error "Object doesnt support this property" for very first line of rendrer function.

    I some where found the link similar to this:
  17. pipegroup = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    store: pipegroupdatastore,
    forceFit : true,
    // height : 300,
    columns: [...
  18. I have a grid editor. And this grid editor has the two drop downs.
    Where each dropdown has thedisplay field and value field. Initially the drop down display the display field but when I select value...
  19. Replies

    It worked.
  20. load not worked for mw.

    It is not showing any error.
  21. Yes I did like it. when I changing the country the state combo store get changed and I am able to store this values in database.but what after the when I reolad the grid.

    After displaying grid...
  22. I have a EditorGridPanel which contains two columns, country and state, each being implemented as a combobox. User can add as many rows as he/she wants. I have a list of countries and cities in in...
  23. Thank you.
    It worked.
  24. Hello,

    I have very strange problem. I used grid editor and I get the data in following format.
  25. I tried the linked dynamic dropdown using server side code using JSON and its working fine.

    Now I am converting my existing project in EXT-JS-4.0 and in existing project I did like

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