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    Thanks for the pointer Ed, I'll check it out.

    Sorry about necroing an old thread, I was just chuffed to finally find an example of something I've tried to achieve for a long time without much...
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    Hi Ed,

    I've been searching for ages for an example of saving the state of dynamically generated tabs, and this almost does the trick.

    I have a layout with an accordion on the left with menu...
  3. OK, solved this before it even got posted. Simply put, my PHP code was not outputting a value for 'root'. Also removed some unnecessary stuff from the Ext code. Code is now as follows:

  4. Having gone through Ch7 of J Garcia's book, I'm trying to play around with retrieving JSon data from a MySQL database. However no data is displayed and I'm not sure whether it's my PHP that's wrong...
  5. Thanks Jesus for the super quick response, you are right all now works as expected.

    TBH I'm on my second run through the book (having got as far as ch6), this time with an editor that has code...
  6. I am trying to learn ExtJS using an early access edition of Jesus Garcia's excellent ExtJS In Action. Have reached a chapter where we create a complex form layout and the code (which seems pretty OK...
  7. Thanks rbastic, (I do realize it, I'm just over eager:)), I think Animal is being pretty arrogant since he's obviously a 'programming god'.

    Everybody has to start somewhere (you did), I've been in...
  8. Sorry about this, I've only started looking into some form of developing in the past week and have chosen Ext because it seems so slick and professional, I am definitely not a programmer. I have...
  9. The code I'm already using stores info on the tab state in a cookie. The problem is storing information about the newly generated tabs....I can't quite figure that out. I think I obviously need to...
  10. Just ran your code through Firebug console with the following:

    new Ext.Container({
    region: 'center',

    And it shows a toolbar just fine.
  11. When the new tabs are created and become active, state.Manager saves a cookie, and I understand how that works for the static tabs, but when the page is reloaded, the generated tabs are no longer...
  12. I am just learning Ext at the moment. I have a simple layout with a menu on the left and a tabpanel on the right. The tabpanel initially loads with 4 tabs, and I 'can' save the state of these tabs on...
  13. I'm just now learning ExtJS and am playing around with a couple of examples I've found.

    I have a window with a TabPanel on the right initially containing 4 tabs, on the left a LinksPanel with 3...
  14. Is there such a place, I have a working version of xtheme-slate, and a non-working version of xtheme-black which I would like to update.

  15. Ahhh, well then, unless I'm going blind / nuts, there doesn't seem to be any tutorial for 3.1.1?
  16. Just out of interest, where did yo get the latest version?
  17. Hi,

    I've just downloaded and installed the xtheme-black theme, and active menus and mouseovers are displaying as the default colors.

    Please see the attached jpg for an example. I'd really like...
  18. Thanks Fay,

    I replaced the original :
    var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({el: 'grid-example', ds: ds, cm: colModel});
  19. I'm following to the letter the examples here:

    and get to the section on Grids, I have copied and pasted the supplied script into...
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