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  1. I am still receiving the same message as of 2/5/2012 @ 17:00:
  2. An Update: I am still receiving this error on my home MB Pro running OS X 10.7.2 - not behind any proxy, although I am behind the typical home NAT gateway.

    When running from work on a different...
  3. I'll try it again tonight when I'm back on home WiFi and will report the results. It sounds like that may be it, since the next day I loaded it up on my work machine, complete with proxy config, and...
  4. These three lines are all that are logged in when launching the app:

    1/30/12 8:29:02.289 PM [0x0-0x232232].com.sencha.SenchaDesigner: Loading libion: /Users/aaron/Library/Application...
  5. Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Lion) running on a MacBook Pro.

    I double-checked my Network Location to ensure I'm on the home location with no proxy config. All browsers (and licensed Designer 1.2) are working...
  6. I just downloaded the open beta of Sencha Designer 2. After agreeing to the license agreement I get the error page:
    Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration....
  7. Is there any way to set a model or its associated store to automatically overwrite existing records with new records when the idProperty of an incoming record collides with an existing record?

  8. I have a fairly simple sorted Ext.grid.Panel that has a new row added to it every 5 seconds. After a minute or so Firefox (8.0.1) begins to slow down. Firebug's profiler shows that restoreScrollState...
  9. Skirtle, I would be interested in your plugin to auto-size grid columns to content as well. Will it work for the native grouped-column-headers in Ext JS 4?
  10. Any update on whether this will make it to Ext JS 4? Looking to leverage CometD in an Ext JS 4 app...
  11. Mitchell,

    Thanks for the reply on this. Is there an ETA on the 4.1 beta? It looks like every issue I hit falls into this category.

    Also, any word on if the flex-not-working-for-grouped-headers...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7-gpl

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF8.0 (firebug 1.9.0b1 installed)
  13. When using Designer 1.2.2-48 exported code, which unfortunately doesn't adhere to the new MVC standards, what is the correct way to obtain references to components?

    e.g. for the following code...
  14. Any update on this?

    Firefox 8.0.1 is here and still generating the following warning:

    Use of getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecated. Use getAttributeNS() instead.
  15. Mitchell,

    Thanks for the reply!

    So what is the correct way to configure a Grid Panel with grouped headers, where you want:
    a) the Grid Panel to expand to fit the Viewport
    b) the top (widest)...
  16. All,

    Please note that you DO NOT have to hand-craft the require statements in order to create the jsb3 file with the SDK. I'm not sure what changed, but the SDK finally started working for me...
  17. Ok, to make this question more general, how would you create a simple Grid Panel app serving the purpose of aggregating prices of a particular product from several vendors.

    Using JSONP,...
  18. Tobias, I'm not sure I get how manually setting the proxy would help? I'd still be set with all of my set of issues, right?

    Also, managing three separate stores and feeding a common store would...
  19. What is the correct way to populate a store (that will be providing data to a grid view) from multiple similar (but not identical) JSON sources?

    On the server side (that I do not directly control...
  20. Mitchell, kn21069;

    Can you point to any documentation that states you must add in all of the 'requires' statements before the create command will work?

    If I have to hand-add all of the requires...
  21. Mitchell, this is occurring with an empty store (no data). (and while its not currently configured to load remote data via ajax, if it were, this error would occur before the ajax call).

  22. mitchellsimoens, the link you posted is what I've been using to determine how to use the SDK tools to attempt to generate the jsb3 file. Unfortunately, it does not address any of my questions (how to...
  23. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7-gpl
    Browser versions tested against:

    FF8.0 (firebug 1.9.0b1 installed)
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  24. Here's what I get when running on OS 10.7.2 (64-bit Java is default - is that a problem? are there any docs on how to USE the SDK tools correctly?):

    % sencha create jsb -a...
  25. Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2.2 Build: 48
    Operating System:

    Mac OS X 10.7.2

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