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  1. Hi everybody!

    I created an application with Sencha Architect. This app I want to call from a php-file. It works well but if you try to call it with a slow connection (what I can simmulate with...
  2. When I enter Ext.USE_NATIVE_JSON = true;
    in the launch function, it works in FF and Chrome.
    IE still has the same problem....
    Any ideas? :-?


    requires: [
  3. I'm working on a project with ExtJs 4.1.4 and Architect 2.2.
    I have a grid with a CellEditing Plugin. There is no problem with normal text, JSON sends it as ASCII. But as soon as you use German...
  4. No one there to help me?
  5. Hi there!

    Since a few days now I try to change Saki's 'Grid to Tree Drag and Drop' to work in both directions. But all I get is an 'almost' working application. I am stuck :(
    Now it works as far...
  6. Solved it with the help of another post :)
  7. Hello everybody,

    I'm an ExtJs dummy trying to make Saki's DnD Grid to Tree Example work in both directions.
    Tried to use the grid to grid example too, but now I don't know how to go on.
    It works...
  8. Good morning!

    I've got a formPanel with a fieldset inside which keeps ignoring the label height. I also tryed style: with margin and padding but it does not react on any formatting with CSS.
  9. Replies
    Any news concerning the IE9 Problem so far?
  10. Thanx! It worked ;)
  11. Hi! Iam making my first sencha touch steps and need some help.
    I've got a login form getting back an error Message from a Database Function: Sorry, Access denied:<br />Please ensure that you entered...
  12. Thanx for your effort Mitchell. That wasn't the problem but a mistake in the PHP. I have to give back rows: [] when there's no dataset in the db.
  13. Thanx for your answer Mitchell, but I need to load the store each time with a different ID so reload() would not work here.
  14. Good morning!

    Sorry if this question seems stupid to you, but I don't know how to solve this... :-?
    I have a drag and drop grid that shows 'possible userrights' and 'assigned userrights'. Works...
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    Hi there!

    I am working on a grid that needs a radio button in each row. Only one of all those radio boxes can be activated. If you activate one, all others need to be unselected.
    Does anyone has...
  16. Thanx for the good news Evan :o(
  17. Hi there!
    I programmed an ExtJs application that got quite huge by now. If I make a little change, I have to restart the whole thing again and again. Is there a way to kind of mark a status so I...
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