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  1. Sven,

    This was the only spot where I saw mention of the slickness theme - or any dark theme.

    Are you aware of any darker themes that are compatible with GXT 2.2?

    And thanks for a response on...
  2. I have followed the various instructions in the threads that relate to the use of the slickness theme and am still not getting the black rendered buttons anywhere i.e. in message boxes, button...
  3. Still nothing.

    I realized after that I was using the gxt-gray.css style and thought that it might have been causing a problem. However, even after removing it, I still can't get a bold font.
  4. Something along the lines of:

    Button fileMenuButton = new Button("File");

    .bvw-menu-item {
    font-weight: bold;
  5. GXT 2.1.1

    I'm trying to set the font-weight on a Button that's being used as part of a ToolBar and having no luck at all.

    I've tried adding a style name of my own to the Button and tried adding...
  6. Excellent!

    Thanks Sven!
  7. I've wrapped the Image because I can't add a directly to the Toolbar - the add() method takes a com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Component.

    I'm using...
  8. I'm trying to find the easiest way to display a logo (with a transparent background) in a Toolbar that's being used as a status bar.

    I dropped in the following code:

    ToolBar toolBar...
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    I'm using a top level Viewport with a ContentPanel and a few other Image/Text elements.

    Also using HBox and VBox layouts.

    Have you tried just running the standard GWT Web Application Starter...
  10. Okay.

    No need to view this as a feature request - I'm still stuck in a somewhat Java Swing mentality
    and am probably making assumptions that I shouldn't.

    Thanks Sven.
  11. I'm building a fairly simple page for use in a mobile environment and I'm reacting
    to window resize events so that I can orient the page for vertical versus horizontal

    My overall...
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    I'm currently working on a mobile web app and having been trying it on an iPod and it seems fine.

    Likewise it seems fine on an Android phone using webkit.

    I've even run an example app based on...
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    You have my undying gratitude!

    I set the size of the grid and my data is now rendered. Which is very useful when your VP drops by to see how the web interface is coming along ;-)

    I had...
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    I have just started using ExtGWT and am building a first application using the MVC framework.

    This initial version is based on the Mail example and so far, I've got my login mechanism working over...
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