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  1. Guys,
    As far as I know, inserting direct link to app.js file produced by sencha app build, is not correct. If I don't make a mistake this did not work even in previous CMD versions.Now all the load...
  2. I had a kind of similar issue but it is solved now. In a nutshell that's because it refers to Ext.Boot which is injected in the microloader.js in case you use Sencha CMD to produce the build. This...
  3. Hi,

    I use CMD to produce the build but don't want microloader to be embeded in the index.html.
    That is why I have it configured with
    embed : false in the app.json

    So microloader.js is...
  4. Is there any chance to apply locale dynamically after, let's say, a user selects another language right from the application?
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    That's because it refers to Ext.Boot which is injected in the microloader.js in case you use Sencha CMD to produce the build.
    This topic can be of any help...
  6. Don,

    Thanks so much for your contribution for solving this issue!

    It seems that with new Sencha CMD 5.0.2 and your advice to provide output path escaping that to the production, it is finally...
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  8. This doesn't help and causes a bunch of other errors. For example, it tries to load a .js file without a name and produces another set of funny things.

    Even if this could help, it would mean that...
  9. It seems that we are just not on the same page with Sencha Team what concerns understanding of what is going wrong and what we are trying to achieve.
    I just deny to admit that such a 'stupid-easy'...
  10. Hi,

    Still no success. Just to remind the way the project is structured:

    '/' - application root
    '/static' - here all the static resources are placed:
  11. Got it. However it seems a bit confusing that if autoLoad is set to true, and the root is not configured to be expanded from the start, the child nodes are however rendered.
  12. Hi all,

    I found bug report describing issue with Tree Store when autoLoad is set to true :
  13. Thanks for the workaround but it has a strange side-effect:

    if you have pagingtoolbar sharing the same store, it resets paging information to all '0' (zeros) after the store reload.
    However it...
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    Looking cool!Any plans to upgrade for ExtjS 5?
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    Thanks for reply. I guess I should have mentioned that my panel was the direct child of border layout. So your example doesn't work in my case.
    I had to slightly modify collapse() method of...
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    Any update? Has anybody managed to setup collapsed property with responsiveConfig?
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    Ok, thanks for clarifying.
    But adding setCollapsed() method doesn't solve the issue anyway. The responsive config for collapsed is not applied even with setCollapsed() method implemented.
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    Maybe I miss the point but as far as I know Panel does have setCollapsed() method:!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-method-setCollapsed

    Nevertheless, 'collapsed'...
  19. I have raised this issue some time ago. It has been identified as bug and will be fixed in the upcoming release....
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    What is the best way to listen to and handle store custom events in ViewModel?

    For example, MyStore has 'recordupdated' event. Oldschool approach would be: = Ext.create('MyStore',...
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    Hi all,

    What is the best way to pass optional parameters to ViewModel configs?
    For simple example, we have component which extends ComboBox. This component has a store that is defined in the...
  22. Thanks.
  23. You should put the file in the app/override/menu/Manager.js and give it the corresponding name, i.e.
  24. Looking forward to the next release with all these improvements and fixes.
    However it works nice with the override at the moment.

  25. Thanks.

    Also the same exception is thrown when context menu is added to grid panel.
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