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  1. Can you say whether this will be fixed in 4.1?
  2. I posted this on the community forums and got not responses. That post can probably be deleted, it is here:...
  3. When looking at the docs for Ext.from.filed.Date it says that the altFormats defaults to:


    but if...
  4. I am also looking for this information...

    It seems the docs are very inaccurate currently, it has bitten me in the butt more than once.
  5. I'm experiencing the same problem.
  6. It seems that this is a symptom of the MVC design:

    It's part of

    getStore: function(name) {
    var store = Ext.StoreManager.get(name);

    if (!store) {
  7. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately we are still in the process of converting our product to full 4.0 compliance and at this time removing the compatibility file is not an option for us.
  8. I am also experiencing this problem.
  9. It seems there are issues with 4.0.1 and the compatibility file, specifically when creating an Ext.tree.Panel with no Store/Model defined.

    Are there plans for a NEW compatibility file that will...
  10. Yeah, that's be great. Thanks.
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    Ext.ComponentQuery doc is wrong for query() method:

    Looking at the source file this is the doc for the is() method, but the is() method's doc is overwritting the query() method's due to a...
  12. Hello,

    I have found an issue with Date.parseDate where it parses an ISO-8601 string incorrectly. This specifically happens when the following is true:

    1.) The ISO 8601 string is in a time zone...
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    If you brows to Ext.grid.Panel in the Package tree on the left you get the Ext.grid.Panel ( page, no problems.

    But if you...
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    The search box is showing classes that no longer exist.

    For example:
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    As of Extjs 4.0 beta 2 it seems there is no acutal in the ext-all-debug.js file... It is in the API docs and you can "view the code" from the API docs. But where is the code in the...
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