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  1. [FIXED] bump

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    SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3 on Windows7 x64

    The new Sencha Sdk Tools work beautifully for my Sencha Touch 2.0.1 apps on my windows 7 64bit machine.
    The only thing I had to to do was to add the tools folder to my path.

    Unfortunately this is...
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    [CLOSED] Please reopen - emptyText not working

    Hi - emptyText in list views not working in Sencha touch v2.0.0 and 2.0.1.
    For an example check 'Nested Loading' in the KitchenSink app. This is supposed to display 'No Data Loaded'.
    Also can't get...
  4. [FIXED] Thanks

    Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful and constructive.
    I've done as suggested and it has solved my problem.
    FYI it seems to be the checkboxe compenents that really exacerbate this problem.
    It may...
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    Any news on PR4? would be good to have a roadmap.
  6. Offline

    Oh and if you want to get this to work offline - make sure to set the proxy param - noCache:false (and include resources in your cache manifest file of course)
  7. Solved

    Doh! its so simple - just add the noCache:false parameter to your proxy config et walla!
  8. Thanks

    Cheers guys - works like a charm!
  9. How to capture label tap event on checkbox fields?

    In sencha touch v1 you could do this:

    tap:function () {
    var obj = Ext.getCmp('recall-0-1'); ...
  10. Specifically AjaxProxy in Sencha 2 loading from cached manifest

    Thanks blakdronzer for your suggestions. I am already using local storage succesfully for offline apps.
    In this particular instance i can't use the local storage as the data is already in a json...
  11. AjaxProxy fails to load data when offline ad cached - is there a work around

    I'm using the html 5 cache to go offline with my Sencha Touch app.
    Sencha mostly works fine - but I have found that The AjaxProxy fails reading cached json files when the server is offline even...
  12. I git this working for sencha touch version 2 pr3

    To help other internationally minded souls :) - I've posted my hack of Elmasse's Ext.i18n library (see ( for original). ...
  13. [FIXED] Performance still Poor with PR3

    FYI Performance is still as poor with PR3 for this test/bug.
  14. [FIXED] Rock on PR3

    Thanks Michael,
    Totally understand that this is a tech preview and that we're all on a bit of a journey.
    Just to reassure you, apart from this one issue my ipad app is kicking ass on PR2.
  15. [FIXED] It really is an issue

    Michael, there's definitely something wrong here. on my vey very fast i7 desktop running chrome this takes five seconds. more like 15 seconds on an iPad 2 - even with animation disabled!

    I don't...
  16. [FIXED] Tab Switching performance seriously slow


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 (PR1 & PR2)
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Latest
    IOS 5 Ipad
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    Point taken

    I take you're point. My request to patch PR1 is not a criticism, more of a case of pragmatism. I took the leap of faith to upgrade my codebase to Sencha 2 and for better or worse am where I am now. I...
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    me too

    I'd be prepared to path my sencha-touch-all-debug-w-comments.js file to get this up and running.
    As I had to to fix the local storage bug.
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    Many thanks for the quick feedback.
    FYI when I choose the type 'flip'
    I get the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setReverse'

    I set it to fade and that...
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    cardSwitchAnimation on Tab Panel

    With reference to the video at
    In Sencha Touch 1, one used to be able to add cardSwitchAnimation: 'flip', to a tabpanel.
    This doesn't work in...
  21. [FIXED] Thankyou Stephanie

    I've been struggling with this for days and thought it was something I was doing wrong with the new MVC architecture. Well done Stephanie - works for me - thanks x a million. And your English is...
  22. Have a div inside the iframe and use css for scrolling

    Have a div inside the iframe and use css for scrolling....

    like so:

    <div style="overflow: scroll;height: 100%;width: 100%;"></div>

    If the iframe content is not yours, you could always frig...
  23. furthermore

    To find the icon index in the controller's event handler
    I'm doing this. FYI event is the fifth parameter

    var eventbits=event.getTarget().className.split('-');
  24. Me too

    I've hit a wall with this one too.
    I've discovered that you can catch a click event from the actioncolumn like so:

    init: function()

    'actioncolumn': {
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