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    custom builder

    there is still no custom builder for v.3 and the old one - for version 2.3 doesn't work!
    Ext has become a slow and huge monster and it's not that much fun anymore.
    And over 700kb (base, all + css)...
  2. this helped me:...

    this helped me:
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    Combobox - disable autoComplete on TAB

    I want to disable auto-filling of the value in combobox when TAB is hit.

    I have a combo with values like those:

    new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    mode: 'remote',
    minChars: 0,
    autoSelect: false, ...
  4. What if I need to have those values: minChars:...

    What if I need to have those values:

    minChars: 0, triggerAction: 'query'

    other relevant options are set as follows:

    autoSelect: false, mode: 'remote'

    Basically I need a combo to supply...
  5. vtype="email", Opera, backspace

    I had a similar problem with opera and vtype="email" where backspace, arrow keys, tabulation, etc. didn't work.
    I'm using extjs 2.2.

    The code above seems to fix this with small amendment, I've...
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