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  1. [FIXED] here's the configuration:

    config: {
    title: 'Info',
    iconCls: 'action',
    url: 'profile.php',

    items: [
    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'info',
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    is it possible to inline fields in a form?

    is it possible to inline fields in a form? i.e. can you have text and fields interspersed on the same line, or multiple form fields on the same line?
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    (yearFrom which is used on picker.Date doesn't...

    (yearFrom which is used on picker.Date doesn't work with datepickerfield)
  4. [FIXED] datepickerfield doesn't register 1/1/1980 as valid date without changing dates

    the first date that datepickerfield shows is 1/1/1980, but if you press done without changing the date first, nothing shows up.
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    datepickerfield only goes back to 1980

    is there any way to set the date to go back farther? 1980 is not very useful for finding out someone's birthday.
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    actually problem solved: simply adding...

    actually problem solved: simply adding '' to the requires list in addition to the jsonp and list, like he does in the video, seems to work without any additional files.
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    how did you move the store and model into separate files?

    could you be more specific in how you made this change? what did you name the files and what needed to go into each one?
  8. re: check console

    good call, i was loading the page from the file system and there was an error because it wasn't being served via http. maybe mentioning that the web server needs to be up and running would be a...
  9. from fresh install, doesn't work in chrome only ff

    if i load the index.html from a new application, all i get in chrome is the loading indicator. I'm using chrome 17.0.963.83 m on win 7. firefox does the indicator and then loads the app. Is chrome...
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